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KBS to Air New Musical Variety Program

KBS to Air New Musical Variety Program

KBS has recently announced that they will soon launch a sequel to the variety program “Immortal Song”, entitled “Immortal Song 2”. However, this time around, all musical participants will be idols.

KBS has recently announced their plans to launch a new singing variety program featuring an all-idol cast by the name of “Immortal Song 2”. According to a KBS representative idols such as SHINee’s Jong Hyun, 2PM’s Jun Su, 2AM’s Chang Min, SISTAR’s Hyo Rin, and BEAST’s Yo Seob are currently being considered as the main line-up.

“Immortal Song 2” will be a sequel to “Immortal Song”, which ran from 2007 to 2009 and featured two legendary Korean vocalists Tak Jae Hoon and Shin Jung Hwan. In the program, they taught others how to properly sing their own hit songs, and “Immortal Song 2” will follow similar guidelines, except the participants will be Hallyu idols.

On April 29th, the program’s producer, Kwon Jae Young, explained, “Singers who are considered legendary will be viewing the musical performances of idol singers singing the judges’ songs. They will then judge the idols and give them suggestions. In turn, the participating idols will be given the opportunity to display a more diversified set of abilities, and will be able to show their weekly improvements to viewers.” He continued to clarify, “It is completely different from ‘I Am a Singer’. It is not an elimination-based program in which the participants will have to survive from week to week. It is a ‘nice’ variety show that doesn’t require such a difficult processes.”

There are three rules idol participants will have to adhere to on “Immortal Song 2”. First is that they will not be able to utilize additional talents they may have, as this is a strictly vocal program. Second, they will not be able to imitate their senior vocalists. They will have to choose a song from a senior vocalist and present it in their own style, as producers agreed that it would be too easy for viewers to criticize the idols if they were to simply imitate the original singers. And third, the idol participants can not show their distress in any way. Although it is understood that a competitive mindset is bound to develop, they are not allowed to reveal this at any point during the show in order to maintain a “friendly” viewing atmosphere.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to “Immortal Song 2”?

Source : GoKpop


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