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miss A reveals their first English song, “Love Alone”

Ahead of their comeback, miss A (Fei, Jia, Min, Suzy) have released the song “Love Alone.” A few days ago, JYP had blogged a few second preview to miss A’s upcoming single that will be released sometimes in May for their comeback. This has had fans anticipate their comeback even more.

miss A made their debut in July 2010 with “Bad Girl Good Girl” and shot right to the top. They were a hit. “Love Alone” is a trendy pop-dance song and was composed by the famous German producer Fuego and has attracted much attention. Fuego ranked No.1 on the Billboard Singles Chart in 2009 with Jason DeRulo’s “Watcha Say.”

The song “Alone Love” was recorded entirely in English and is for Kim Yuna’s “KCC Switzen All That Skate Spring 2011.” The group will perform this on Kim Yuna’s show on May 6 thru 8th and will be part of their upcoming album.

Source: Bugs via koreaboo


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