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Music Scene Welcomes Teenage Group SpinEL

Music Scene Welcomes Teenage Group SpinEL

Korea’s first acoustic girl group, SpinEL, debuted with their 1st single titled “Chu Chu” on Friday. Get more information about the girls!

The teenage girl group, SpinEL, is composed by the members, Spin and EL, who were both born in 1996 and both play guitar.
Spin is known to be a versatile musician and has top grades in school. She was already featured in various singles since 2003.
EL‘s career started early as well. She has been an actress, playing in movies, dramas and musicals, since her childhood.

These two girls have been inspired by country music and plan to perform a variety of genres in the future. Beside that, SpinEL aims to get a “jewel” in the Korean music industry.
Their agency, who is very confident about SpinEL’s prospects, stated, “At the time when people long for talented musicians, SpinEL will be the only group that combines great musical talents with the features of idol groups”

SpinEL debuted at KBS’ Music Bank on 29th April performing their 1st single, “Chu Chu”.

Source : GoKpop


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