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SISTAR 19 Bora’s head injury is not serious

Hyorin and Bora have formed a project group called SISTAR 19 and have already revealed jacket photo teaser images and their first music video teaser.

Ahead of their album release, SISTAR 19 took part of the recording for KBS “100 Points out of 100” idol sports special, which aired on April 30th. However, member Bora caused a lot of worry after she sustained a head injury during the recording.

Bora took part in the female running relay 50 meter final event with Hyorin, NS Yoonji, Baby J (Jewelry), Jiyeon (T-ara), and Azi (CHI CHI). Bora had taken the lead, however, just as she passed the finish line, she tripped and fell and heavily landed on her head.

All of the female runners immediately stopped in their track to help Bora, who was covering her face with her hands due to her pain. Members of the other teams that had been watching from the sideline and a medic also ran to her in concern. Bora was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Fans who watch flooded the internet with concern and worries. However, SISTAR 19’s agency said, “She has not sustained any serious injury. We apologize for making fans worry.”

SISTAR 19 will release their first single “MA BOY” on May 3rd.

Source: Newsen via koreaboo


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