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Aziatix Debuts With “Go” Music Video

Aziatix Debuts With "Go" Music Video

The Korean-American hip-hop and R&B group, Aziatix, has released the music video for their debut single “Go”.

The up-and-coming Asian-American R&B and hip-hop group Aziatix made their U.S. debut with their first showcase in New York City this past weekend. Following their first live performance, they released a music video of their title track “Go” from their first single on May 2nd.


Produced by Jung Jae Yoon of Solid, Aziatix consists of members Eddie Shin, Flowsik, and Nicky Lee. Their debut single “Go” was released through iTunes in March, and the group has followed up the the release of a music video for the titular track.

Check out Aziatix’s “Go” music video below:

In the meantime, the group is preparing for the release of their first album on May 17th.

Check out Aziatix’s Facebook page here, and their official Twitter account here.

Source : GoKpop


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