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SM Entertainment considering additional concert date for “SM Town Live in Paris”

Over 1,000 Kpop fans attended the Paris protest/flashmob on May 1st in front of the Pyramid at the Louvre Museum in France. The protest a complete success as many Korean and local media have covered the event. Kpop fans performed mass flashmobs, and danced and sang to songs by TVXQ, SHINee, Super Junior, SNSD, and f(x).

French Kpop fans and fans all over Europe have begun to set up protests and flashmobs in attempts to catch SM Entertainment’s attention and get an additional date to “SM Town Live In Paris.” The concert will be the first Kpop concert to take place in Europe, however, many fans were not able to get tickets to the concert due to the venue (Le Zenith) only being able to hold approximately 6,000 seats.

The tickets to the “SM Town Live in Paris” were sold out in 15 minutes, leaving many European fans without tickets and disappointed. In addition to the Paris protest that took place just a few days ago, there has been an addition 4,000 signatures that have signed the petition requesting a second date.

SM Entertainment has acknowledge one of the most successful protest that took place at the Louvre Museum on Sunday, May 1st, and has been reportedly considering an additional date. Kim Eunah of SM Entertainment said, “We are checking the schedule of our artists and considering the possibilities to add a second date.”

She adds, “Even though the popularity of Kpop has been increasing in Europe, there wasn’t any way to verify how popular it was. Our sell out concert and the mob incident has helped us verify the Kpop impact in Europe. It showed that the Hallyu wave has reached around the world. It was amazing to see them sing along to Kpop last year at the Los Angeles concert.”

Kpop has truly been making waves as even music producer Teddy Riley has showed interest in creating more music in Korea. He has already produced songs for Rania and Jay Park. Producer Quincy Jones have also praised Korean artists such as BoA and Tiger JK.

It seems that French Kpop fans protest has been a complete success! Stay tuned to Koreaboo for SM Entertainment’s final decision on “SM Town Live in Paris.”

Source : Koreaboo


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