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Yunho rocks out to JYJ’s “Be My Girl Remix”

TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin recently attended a press conference for a K-pop charity concert in Thailand. During the press conference, both Yunho and Changmin spoke and delivered their greetings in Thai, to the delight of fans. Yunho started off strong but eventually got tongue-twisted by the language and gave up, prompting screams from the fans in attendance. Changmin decided to challenge the language too, but ultimately resorted to speaking in Korean. Changmin, however, became a Korean teacher as he taught those in attendance how to say “good night” in Korean.

What really caught the attention of fans was Yunho’s reaction to JYJ’s song, “Be My Girl Remix.” During the press conference, an audience member’s cell phone went off and the ringtone was the chorus of JYJ’s “Be My Girl Remix.” Yunho began bopping his head to the beat, made a telephone gesture with his hand, and suavely nodded at the cell phone’s owner.

Check out the fancams below!

Source:HeavensWine5 and DBSKnights via koreaboo


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