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Baek Jiyoung reveals first concept teaser photo for 8th album

It was reported that Baek Jiyoung would be making her comebackwith her 8th studio album with famous producer Bang Shihyuk. It has been approximately three years since she last released a full-length album with the last being “Sensibility” in 2008.

Now, she has finally revealed the first jacket photo from her 8th album. It has received explosive reactions from netizens for its uniqueness. This has fans, the public, and netizens excited for her big comeback.

Baek Jiyoung has enlisted the help of top stylists Riming, Jeong Hyojin, Choi Hyeryeon, Hang Hyeryeon, and Hong Yeon. Together, they will unveil five different concept photos that shows Baek Jiyoung’s feminine sides.

In the first concept photo, Baek Jiyoung is scene with a pale face and curly hair as she holds wheat in her hands. The color of the photo is a sepia tone and together with her white dress, gives off a feeling of ballerina.

Netizens have responded, “It looks good,” “A goddess has descended. Mom, my heart is shaking,” “I’m looking forward to this album, please come quickly,” “Welcome back,” and “Oh! Beautiful and elegant, this kind of appeal isn’t easy.”

Baek Jiyoung will release her 8th studio album on May 19th. She has teamed up with Bank Shihyuk for this album, which has raised expectation.

Source: Newsen


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