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Cho Yongpil and Big Bang are the top 2 best singers in Korea

Who is the best singer? According to the results of a recent survey polling over 200 entertainment company officials, broadcast industry representatives, and celebrities in South Korea, Cho Yongpil received the most votes.

Veteran singer Cho Yongpil came first with 59 votes (15.2%). At the prime age of 60, Cho Yongpil stills stands onstage with undying passion.

At number 2, Big Bang accounted for 29 votes (7.4%). The difference between the first and second place was 30 votes. Officials selected Big Bang as the best in the music industry because they’ve become “hot” icons in recent years.

As soon as they released their 4th mini album “Tonight,” all five songs shot to the top of charts. Wherever Big Bang goes, they continue to successfully set off fashion trends and top search charts. Every one of the five members show individuality, and yet they are able to convey harmony and control in their music and lyrics.

The tallied votes can be found below:

1. Cho Yongpil (59 votes, 15.2%)
2. Big Bang (29 votes, 7.4%)
3. Lee Seungchul (24, 6.1%)
4. Kim Bumsoo (22, 5.6%)
5. Seo Taiji (21, 5.4%)
6. SNSD (17, 4.3%)
7. TVXQ (12, 3%)
8. Kim Gunmo (11, 2.8%)
9. Rain (11, 2.8%)
10. Yoon Doohyun (8. 2%)

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Source : Koreaboo, Bestiz, All Big Bang


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