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Jang Geunsuk and SNSD top Oricon Weekly Chart

On its first day of release, both Jang Geunsuk and SNSD’s Japanese single took over Oricon Daily Chart with first and second place respectively. After topping the Oricon Daily Chart for a couple of days, Jang Geunsuk was bumped down to second place afterSNSD finally overtook the Korean actor and singer with “Mr. Taxi.”

Both singles, “Let Me Cry (Jang Geunsuk)” and “Mr. Taxi (SNSD),” were released on April 27th and have been competing for first place since then. “Let Me Cry” sold 119,149 units for the first week with SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi” selling 100,461 units.

Jang Geunsuk is the first solo male artist to have topped the Oricon Weekly Chart, the chart’s second male in history to achieve this after Japanese singer Masahiko Kondo. Jang Geunsuk has confirmed his popularity in Japan after releasing his solo single, “Let Me Cry.”

The Korean actor and singer said, “I was excited enough to have topped the daily chart but after hearing that I’ve also topped weekly chart as well, I was totally at loss of words at first. No.1 1 on Oricon weekly chart is an enormous gift from my fans and I will work even harder to repay them with good music.”

Following Jang Geunsuk in second place is SNSD with their 3rd Japanese and 1st original single, “Mr. Taxi.” SNSD took over Japan after re-releasing several of their Korean hits in Japanese for their entry into the Japanese music market. They have been gaining attention in the country for their legs especially.

Have you purchased either of the artists’ singles?

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Source: Koreaboo, 10Asia and Oricon


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