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JYJ’s Japanese fans release statement against Avex

In response to the escalating controversy over JYJ’s cancelled charity concert and recent lawsuit against Avex Entertainment, JYJ’s Japanese fans expressed their support for the trio by releasing a statement.

The Japanese fans posted a statement against Avex in hopes that it will stop the restrictions on JYJ’s TV appearances in Japan. The statement reads, “Since September of 2010, the restrictions set upon by the company has started. The restriction rips the right of JYJ fans to listen to their songs. During this period, the fans patiently waited for the restriction on JYJ’s Japanese activities to stop and we had expressed our request to your company. However, to this day, we received no reply or explanation in regards to that matter. JYJ, who has lived in Japan for a period of time, had wanted to attend a charity concert [planned for the Japanese earthquake] but could not due to issues on the contract between management companies. They were given the reason of possible dangers at the event and was denied the opportunity to perform. We feel that Avex’s need to prevent their appearance on events such as charity concerts is too farfetched. We feel that Avex is using all its powers to prevent JYJ any means of exposure in Japan and we hope that JYJ will be able to resume their musical activities soon.”

Excerpts from the original statement are provided:

1. C-JeS was established in Korea in December of 2009, and its company records could be requested by anyone. Avex [herein after referred to as ‘Your company’] had previously claimed that the Vice President is close friends with a C-JeS representative. Yet, your company claims that they did not know about details of C-JeS when signing the contract and uses this as the reason for contract termination. Isn’t it common procedure to research on the other party before signing a contract with them?

2. JYJ are now the ambassadors for World-Oka, and they represent Korea in events that garner international attention. Their activities and public involvement in Korea were never interfered due to the reason that their management company is C-JeS. How is it that JYJ’s activities in Korea occur without issues, yet there is such a big social stigma against them in Japan due to their Korean management company?

3. JYJ started their Japanese activities in April of 2010. The three members’ lawsuit with SM and their exclusive contracts were solved in October of 2009. However, your company uses the reason of “possible complications with JYJ and SM’s exclusive contract clause that could render our contract with them null” to cease their Japanese activities. The issue with Tohoshinki and SM is different with the problem of JYJ with your company – associating them as the same thing causes public confusion on the matter.

4. Avex disregards all the circumstances stated above, and uses non-commercial logic to cease the management duties for the three members. This already nullifies the contract they have with JYJ. It is mind-boggling that [your company] did not provide accommodations and arrange events for the three members according to the contract. To ignore the wishes of JYJ and their fans to resume their Japanese activities and remain in this hiatus for eight months is simply unfathomable.

5. Your company has ceased all JYJ activities but is still selling their CDs and DVDs. Yet the Oricon pamphlet that are included in the CDs states, “Before sales, the management company has requested that the numbers will not reflect on the rankings in the Oricon Chart.” This is a blatant public deception – fans will continue to support and buy the products but the popularity of JYJ is not reflected publicly.

JYJ’s Korean fans have already expressed their frustration and attempts on resuming JYJ activities but Japanese fans have remained calm during this period. However, this statement released by the Japanese fans clearly shows that they have reached a breaking point and has garnered attention from around the world. An expert in the field states, “This event shows the Japanese fans are fed up with the way Avex is interfering with JYJ activities.”

Even before the fans released their statement, C-JeS’s CEO Baek Changju released a statement on the company’s Japanese site on April 28th, stating, “This concert was organized to thank the fans that have been waiting so patiently. I will use whatever means possible to ensure that this concert will be held successfully. No matter how many obstacles JYJ will face in the future, as long as it can provide fans with JYJ’s music, we will be there. We will fight until the end no matter what costs it may bring.”

Source: TV Daily and Korea Star


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