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Lee Seunggi confesses his liking for SNSD’s Yoona once again

Lee Seunggi has confessed his admiration for SNSD’s Yoona once again! On a recent appearance on MBC’s Yoo JaeSuk and Kim WonHee’s ‘Come To Play’, Lee Seunggi revealed a common misconception about him being a difficult man to approach. Further confessing that people will eventually find him friendly once they get to know him.

Later on the show, the topic about his ideal type was raised by his mentor, Lee Seonhee, when he said, “When I asked SeungGi ‘Isn’t SNSD’s YoonA pretty?’, he just answered ‘yes’”. With the attention back to Lee Seunggi’s ideal type once again, he confessed that, “I like SNSD’s YoonA. I think she’s really pretty”.

This isn’t the first time Lee Seunggi has exposed his liking for the Girls’ Generation member, as he also previously confessed on talk variety show “Strong Heart”.

Source: Koreaboo, Fanwonder


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