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miss A’s “Love Alone” takes #1 on real-time music charts

miss A’s new song, “Love Alone”, has been receiving a hot response since its release, crowning itself at the top spots of real-time music charts.

“Love Alone” was released around noon on May 2nd, and it reached the #1 spot on music sites like Bugs.”

The next day, on May 3rd, it took #1 on the daily charts of Bugs, Daum Music, Dosirak, and monkey3, while placing in the Top 10 of others. This deed has surprised many as the song it’s not miss A’s official comeback track and it was completely recorded in English to keep the feeling of the original. The song was composed by German producer Fuego and written by Ursula Yancy.

“Love Alone” is a trendy dance-pop song that expresses an intense love for a man with impressive straightforward lyrics. The song will be part of miss A’s performance at Kim Yuna’s “KCC Switzen All That Skate Spring 2011” to be held from May 6 thru 8 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

On this show miss A will appear as special guest. They’ll perform “Love Alone” for the first time, after Kim Yuna’s performance of Beyonce’s “Fever.” They will then move on to the finale with a “Bad Girl Good Girl” and “Breathe” remix, where all the skaters of the show will take the stage. Fans will also be able to enjoy the ice skating show of the 8th, live on SBS at 6:00PM (KST).

miss A were quoted saying they were very pleased to make their new album’s song public through Kim Yuna’s show. They also said they would show the best stage possible and were working hard for everyone to anticipate something different.

Meanwhile, the group is expected to release their first full length album at the end of May in Korea, and later in Chinese areas. The album will include “Love Alone” and other dance songs, including their unannounced official promotional track produced by JYP. They are also expected to impress once again with their fun choreography for their title track, just like their previous hits.

Source : Koreaboo, Star N News, Bugs!, Daum Music, monkey3, dosirak, @jypentertainment, Dailian and Sports Seoul


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