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Rain Speaks at Seoul National University

Rain Speaks at Seoul National University

Recently elected TIME’s Most Influential Person, singer and actor Rain paid a visit to Seoul National University give a lecture to the attending students.

Rain recently made an announced visit to Seoul National University on May 1st, causing an audience exceeding 300 surprised students to flock to the main auditorium to hear the internationally recognized entertainer speak.

https://i0.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7413-4huxnn82ii.jpgAccording to Rain’s agent, “Rain had actually had prepared a lecture last year, but had been unable to visit the university because the available lecture hours constantly conflicted with his schedule. Fortunately, he was able to finally find the time to make an appearance. The subject of the talk was about ‘Cultural Contents’, and the lecture was given like a Q&A.”

Rain’s lecture was unannounced to students, but as soon as the rumor of his presence began to circulate, over 30 students flocked to the auditorium in order to witness the idol’s hour and a half long speech.

His agent quoted the star as saying, “I did not anticipating being so nervous at first, but I am very thankful to be given such a warm welcome by so many students. I think that I had a good experience.”

source : GoKpop, Newsen, Korean Economy


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