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TVXQ to release Japanese song “I Don’t Know” in May

TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin) made their big Korean comeback in January with their 5th studio album “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” after their last album release in 2008. Fans showed their continued support to the group despite only 2 members taking part of the album. TVXQ were the first group to achieve the 100,000 units of album sold for 2011 and were followed by Big Bang and CNBLUE.

Now, it seems that the duo will move on to Japan for promotional activities. They had also released the Japanese single, “Why (Keep Your Head Down),” but promotions were kept to a minimum.

According to their official Japanese site (toho-jp.net), Yunho and Changmin will release a new song titled “I Don’t Know” on May 11th. The song will be released on both mu-mo and the Japanese mobile music site, Rekochoku.

Source : Koreaboo, Toho, @onetvxqforums


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