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‘100 Points out of 100’ Cancelled for New Saturday Line-up

'100 Points out of 100' Cancelled for New Saturday Line-up

KBS has announced the cancellation of ‘100 Points out of 100’ after to deciding to change their Saturday night schedule.

‘100 Points out of 100’ and ‘On Your Command, Sir’ will be cancelled in order for KBS to revamp their Saturday schedule. The tentative title of the new Saturday evening time slot is ‘Declaration of Freedom Saturday’, which is modelled after KBS’ ‘Happy Sunday’.

The new line up will include ‘Secret’ and ‘Immortal Song 2’. ‘Secret’ consists of seven celebrities who will be talking about their secrets and ‘Immortal Song 2’ will be a competition between idol stars showing off their vocal skills.

KBS officials said:

‘100 Points out of 100′ and ‘On Your Command, Sir’ will be removed from the Saturday evening time slot and replaced with new variety programs under the tentative title, ‘Declaration of Freedom Saturday’.

For now, it was decided that ‘100 Points out of 100′ and ‘On Your Command, Sir’ will be canceled. However, there’s a possibility that the two will be combined to form a new program. There are still many variables, we will decide by the middle of next week after discussions.’

What do you think? Are you excited about the new shows or do you think ‘100 Points’ shouldn’t have been cancelled.

Source : GoKpop, Nate


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