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SNSD answers questions from children about crying, shorts, hair, and stage fright

The nine beautiful ladies of SNSD recently sat down with Dispatch to answer questions that were posed by adorable children aged 8 to 10. Despite being extremely busy with activities and preparing for their Japanese concert tour, the girls answered the questions with cute charm and bright smiles.

Q1. SNSD noonas, why do you guys cry when you guys win first place? (Choi Seongjae, 8)

Tiffany: Do we cry when we get first place? *looks at other members* Ah yes, we do cry.

Yuri I think all 9 of us cry at least once when leaving.

Tiffany & Hyoyeon: When we win first place, we’re so happy and overwhelmed with emotions so we always cry.

Q2. Sooyoung noona, since your name is Sooyoung (Note: sooyoung means swim in Korean) do you swim well? (Choi Seongjae, 8) 

All: No, she can’t swim. Sooyoung can’t sooyoung!

Sooyoung: For my name, it’s not Sooyoung because of the sport. Soo means sophisticated and Young means a fighting spirit. Once you grow a bit older and learn hanja (Chinese characters), you will understand. It’s not this sooyoung *makes swimming motions with her arms*. But if our little friends want me to, I’ll learn how to swim this summer!

Q3. I want long hair too. How do I get long hair like unnies? (Kim Jimin, 8) 

Hyoyeon: *while touching her hair* Long hair..long..long..think a lot~

Tiffany: Eat well and your hair will be long.

Yoona: That’s right. Don’t eat an unbalanced diet. Eat lots of protein and your hair will grow long.

Taeyeon: Black beans are good.

Tiffany: Listen to your parents and your hair will grow long.

Q4. SNSD unnies, do you like Super Junior? SHINee? Who are you closer with? (Kim Jimin, 8) 

Tiffany: I can’t choose.

Taeyeon: I like them all.

Hyoyeon: Super Junior members are very cool oppas. SHINee are very cool juniors so it’s impossible to choose, right?

Q5. SNSD noonas, what’s your phone number? Please give it to me. (Yoon Jaejoon, 8)

Yuri: 1004. Noona’s phone number is 1004. (Note: In Korean, 1004 is pronounced Cheonsa, which also means “Angel”)

Yoona: 010~

Tiffany: My number is xxx-xxxx

Sooyoung More than calling noonas and saying hi, supporting us when you see us sing and perform on stage is a greater help to us. Our little friends, please always support SNSD.

Q6. SNSD noonas, even if it’s winter, why do you only wear shorts? Aren’t you cold? (Yoon Jaejoon, 8)

Sooyoung: It’s cold. *looks at Jessica* It’s cold right?

Jessica: Yes, it’s cold. Really.

Hyoyeon: We wear it to match our stage image and our song, and to look pretty.

Sunny: We also wear it too look healthy.

Yoona: When I’m not on stage, I wear long pants.

Tiffany: When I’m not performing, I wear many layers.

Yuri: Our little friends, don’t wear shorts like unnies/noonas do when it’s cold and wear long pants to stay healthy~.

Q7. SNSD noonas, are you guys nervous when you go on stage? What was the time when you were the most nervous? (Ahn Jeongjin, 10)

Sooyoung: When was I most nervous? I think I’m the most nervous when we win first place. When noonas are performing on stage, we enjoy the moment so we don’t feel nervous. It’s when the first place winner is announced that we feel the most nervous. I think we cry more because we are nervous.

Jessica: Yes, that’s right.

End greeting

Sunny: Our little friends, be healthy, listen to your parents, listen to your teachers, and play well with your friends. Also, please give SNSD noonas a lot of love too!

All: Our little friends, bye bye! Right now it’s SNSD! We love you~!

Check out the video of the interview below!

Source : Koreaboo, Dispatch


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