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YG ON AIR To Reveal New Info On 2NE1’s New Single

YG ON AIR To Reveal New Info On 2NE1's New Single

After successfully airing the 1st episode that featured an acoustic version of Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” single, “YG ON AIR” has just released info on their upcoming May 6th episode which will include info on Big Bang, 2NE1’s new single, and a special visit from Will.I.Am.

After promising fans 2NE1 would perform “Don’t Cry” together live, “YG ON AIR” has put the event on hold until next week, as 2NE1 is currently busy filming the MV for their comeback single “Lonely”. But YG has assured fans that when 2NE1 does perform “Don’t Cry” they will be using the nation’s best musicians for the occasion.

Taking its place this week instead, “YG ON AIR” will release details on the MV as well, as give fans a preview of the track before its May 12th release.

With BIG BANG starting their Japanese promotions this week, “YG ON AIR” will also keep fans up to date with info on the group, with each episode.

Are you excited for this week’s episode of “YG ON AIR”?

Source : GoKpop, yg-life.com


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