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Is Shinhwa Preparing for a Comeback?

Is Shinhwa Preparing for a Comeback?

One of the oldest k-pop Korean bands might return to scene sooner that expected.

There are several rumors in Korea about the possibility of Shinhwa’s comeback.

It has been said that Eric and Min Woo might open their own Shinhwa company, where they will head it, while the other four members will be majority shareholders.

The reason behind this plan, is because since all of them are currently under different labels, it is difficult to organize their schedules and group activities. Trough the Shinhwa Company, they would be able to have sub-contracts with their current companies and have a better coordination.

So far there are not official statements about this plan, but the current CEO of their former company, that still hold the rights of the name ‘Shinhwa’, has mentioned that there is not a final decision yet, however Eric and Min Woo have presented their proposal.

Open World Entertainment has not taken a decision about letting them use the name, but they have a positive attitude towards it.

If things go as planned, and they confirm the start of the new Shinhwa company, it is possible that the 6 boys, who are now men, will make a comeback nest year to mark their 14th anniversary.

Source : GoKpop


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