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Jessica Has A Doppelganger In Taiwan?

Jessica Has A Doppelganger In Taiwan?

In the Taiwanese newspaper ’58 News,’ a headline read “SNSD member Jessica’s Doppelganger Appeared,” and has received much attention for her alike appearance and even impersonating her by speaking in Korean!

The name of the woman who is ‘Fake Jessica’ has been identified as ‘Jing Jing.’

Jing Jing had said in the newspaper,

“Hello, I’m Jessica. I came to Taiwan again. It looks like the word of me looking like her has received a lot of attention. At first, I did not believe it, the fact that I resemble Jessica affected my everyday life and gave me things I did not mean to have. I have the same poses and expressions as her, and to be like her is what I’ve been practising for. For beautiful legs, I massage them everyday.”

’58 News’ stated, “Jing Jing and Jessica are equipped with a similar appearance. In actuality, she is taller than Jessica.”

But netizens commented, “They look similar in a way…” “Jessica’s looks and charm has always been a unique thing,” “Our Sica can’t be sold.”

What do you think of Jing Jing’s similarities to Jessica?

Source : GoKpop


One response

  1. not close ūüė¶ why do they think they look alike? D:

    May 7, 2011 at 12:16

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