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Will SHINee Debut in Europe?

Will SHINee Debut in Europe?

Chosen hold an interview with SHINee and the current SM’s CEO, where they discussed about their overseas expansion.

SM’s CEO Kim Young Min mentioned that the European market is currently the biggest around the world, and they want to enter it, their reason does not mean that they want to sell a great amount of albums or get into the charts, but because they want to expand k-pop.

SHINee members commented that they are not sure if they will be able to have a success, however they still want to go to Europe and show their talent.

It was also revealed that an European debut would be fun. They continued saying that they will likely adapt their style, since it is different from the usual local music, so they will be able to have a better content.

Actually SHINee members will have a special showcase in the ‘Abbey Road Studios’, after the SMTown Paris.

European fans will surely be thrilled to hear that k-pop is finally expanding to every corner of the world.

Source : GoKpop


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