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Applications for Kim Hyunjoong’s ‘Henecia’ suspended after hacking incident

Sad news for Kim Hyunjoong’s fans who were anticipating to join his official fanclub ‘Henecia’. On the 7th of May, Keyeast Agency announced in an official statement the temporary suspension for the fanclub applications, due to an attempt to externally hack the company’s official website.

The alleged hackers who are still being investigated were reported to have changed the depositing bank number from the company and altered a number of official information on the website. Because of the attempt, Keyeast Agency confirms that all applications and bank transfers for ‘Henecia’ have been suspended to prevent further damage from the scam.

Moreover, they have also confirmed that the ‘Jeju Island Fanmeeting’ scheduled for the 1st of June was also a fake and has been reported to prevent further confusion.

Apologizing for the inconvenience, Keyeast Agency directed their message to Kim Hyunjoong’s fans as they are in the process of cooperating with the Cyber Terror Police. The fans who have already been victimized by the sudden scam were asked to send in all their details to the fanclub personnel through phone or email.

Fanclub applications are set to resume through another official announcement after restorations for the website have completed. Currently, Kim Hyunjoong’s official website has also been reported to be down after the hacking incident.

Source: Koreaboo, Keyeast, SS501Ode


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