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2ST’s Fanclub Gets Official Color

B2ST's Fanclub Gets Official Color

CUBE Entertainment has released an official statement regarding B2ST’s representative color. Are you curious on which one they settled for?

CUBE Entertainment stated,


This is CUBE Entertainment.

We have decided on the official color in representing BEAST & B2UTY.

In order to find a color that does not conflict with other fandoms and their fan support items, we have decided DARK GREY as the official color for BEAST & B2UTY after much deliberation.

In the upcoming mid-May, DARK GREY will be used for the fan support items, you will be able to see it when BEAST’s official album is released as well as the scene of the open broadcast.

-As for the fan support items, they will be revealed through an announcement before the comeback.

We hope that whenever BEAST members stand on stage, we can see the audience full of grey in that B2UTY can be noticed right away.

What do you think of their decision?

Source : GoKpop, Playb2st (Daum)


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