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Song Joong-ki has left Running Man

Song Joong-ki has left Running Man

The member of the Running Man – Song Joong Ki, has left Running Man for good. His final episode with the fellow Running Man members made everyone on the show broke down in tears.


Viewers of the latest episode of Running Man, broadcast on May 8th, may find a regular member missing. Song Joong-ki, famous for his role in“Sungkyunkwan Scandal” as Goo Yong Ha, a regular of Running Man, has left the show to focus on his acting career. His last appearance on the show was on the May 1st episode where he gave a touching departure speech that moved everyone on the show to tears. Many were sad to see him go.

Song Joong-ki has been on the show from the very first episode which was broadcasted in July of last year. He made regular weekly appearances before changing it to every other week due to his drama schedules. He garnered much attention when he kissed Song Jihyo on the cheek in episode 15 while trying to fulfill the challenge of making her heartbeat go up to 130 in order to obtain a running ball. Then in episode 18, which took place on a cruise, Joong-ki once again made a romantic move as he reenacted the famous Titanic pose with Jihyo on the ship, putting both his arms around her waist. The couple was officially dubbed “Song Song Couple” by episode 23. Joong-ki’s romantic moves on Jihyo has always irritated another regular, Gary who is involved in a ‘scandulous’ relationship with Jihyo on the show. Gary and Jihyo are often dubbed the “Monday Couple”.



In addition to his relationship with Song Jihyo on the show, he is also known as the “Same Aged Friends” with Lee Kwangsu. This is because they are both of the same age, 26. Kwangsu claims to be close friends with Joong-ki because of their same age but Joong-ki (who likes to play around and bully Kwangsu) often denies this and causes Kwangsu to be rather depressed.

Source : GoKpop


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