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2NE1’s ‘Lonely’ Mini Album to be Released in June

2NE1's 'Lonely' Mini Album to be Released in June

2NE1’s new mini album will be released in June.

YG has announced that they will not promote the song ‘Lonely’ because they want to go back to the stage with a different type of song. But do not worry that the MV will be revealed on May 12th and the song will be released the same day.

According to Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am, the track ‘Lonely’ was quite a surprise since it did not have the drum beat he was expecting at the beginning of it. He mentioned that the song was quite fresh and predicted that it will surely be a hit.

The reason behind his comment was probably because the track has a different feeling. It does not follow the current trends of powerful electronica or house. It actually is an analogue song that cares about the emotions and is auto-tune free.

Apparently Will.I.Am might have said that it will become a hit because of the addictive melody that accompanies the song.

Once again Teddy was the one in charge of the track, who previously supported 2NE2 with the songs Fire, I Don’t Care, Can’t Nobody, Go Away, and Park Bom’s Don’t Cry. ‘Lonely’ reflects the solitude of love even if you are next to the one you love.

YG also mentioned that they will not promote ‘Lonely’ since they want to return to stage with a song that they can perform on the stage. However, they will present a live session of the song on ‘YG on Air’.

Don’t Cry was released 3 weeks ago and now Lonely is ready to be presented on May 12th. Following the new three weeks plan, a new song will be released on June the 2nd, and after another three weeks they will finally reveal the new mini album on June 23rd.

Fans do not have to be sad that the girls are not going to promote ‘Lonely’, since they already have a busy schedule and will be back on the stage in no time, with a brend new sound.

Source : GoKpop


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