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Wonder Girls to be Featured in an American TV Movie!

Wonder Girls to be Featured in an American TV Movie!

J.Y. Park, known more commonly as JYP, took the stage recently at Monterux for the Festival of Media where he announced plans to create a movie staring the Wonder Girls.

The movie, titled ‘Wonder Girls at the Apollo’, is a joint venture with Nick Cannon, who was well known now as Mariah Carey’s husband but before then as a Nickelodeon star for joining the sketch variety show(Saturday Night Live for teens and preteens if you will) called ‘All That’, and his Teen Nick stars School Gryls. The film will follow the Wonder Girls and the street savvy Gryls battle each other on stage at the iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem.

The two groups will be joining forces for the movie, which was created for the teenage Nickelodeon channel; Teen Nick, as well as an accompanying soundtrack/album.

The Wonder Girls are the first Korean group to enter the Billboard top 100 chart in the US. JYP is the one namely in charge of the girls when it comes to their concepts and choreographies.

JYP has been very successful with these girls and currently has them working with global brands like Kia and Coca-cola.

It looks like the Wonder Girls are ready to hit an even bigger audience with this movie, you guys excited?

Source : GoKpop


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