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Heo Young Saeng Presents “Let It Go” MV + Mini-Album

Heo Young Saeng Presents "Let It Go" MV + Mini-Album

You get to watch another great music video by another great artist. SS501’s Heo Young Saeng just released his “Let It Go” MV making his solo debut. Take a look!

Heo Young Saeng finally released his debut album titled “Let It Go” as well as the music video for his same-titled title track.

As expected, Heo Young Saeng is impressing us by his charismatic and cool style in his songs, his music video and his sexy dance performance featured in the music video. However, Young Saeng is not alone. Also 4minute’s Hyuna, who is featured in his title track, as well as the other artists collaborating with him contribute to his flawless 1st mini-album.

Check out Young Saeng’s “Let It Go” MV and tracks from his 1st mini-album below!

01 Out The Club (ft. Taewan)

03 Rainy Heart (ft. Kim Kyu Jong)

04 I’m Broken

Source : GoKpop


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