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Sistar 19 Member Bora’s Flexibility Gains Interest

Sistar 19 Member Bora's Flexibility Gains Interest

Sistar 19’s Bora shows off her V-line leg stretches on set of her latest MV of ‘Ma Boy’ and netizens sported interest in her flexibility and superb figure. Netizens have even compared her to idols such as Jo Yeo Jung and Uhm Jung Hwa!

Bora’s stretching in a 90 degree angle introduced her ‘V-line’ leg stretch which attracted attention. Netizens commented, “Her leg stretches exceed Jo Yeo Jung and Uhm Jung Hwa!” “To have a V-line in your face I understand but, to make your body into that shape is a bit silly, Bora!” “She’s very flexible! Possibly the most flexible girl group!”


From appearing in various fitness variety programs, Bora gained to title of ‘fitness-idol’ that boasted her superior athleticism. She also continued to manage her health by stretching often.


Meanwhile, Sistar 19’s single of ‘Ma Boy’ has soared in popularity giving them top spots on many music charts!

Source : GoKpop


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