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Baek Ji Young Reveals 3rd Concept Teaser

Baek Ji Young Reveals 3rd Concept Teaser

Baek Ji Young presents us her 3rd concept teaser entitled “Rare Condition”, a week before she’s finally coming back with her 8th full-length album. Take a look!

Following the numerous gorgeous photo teasers of Baek Ji Young from last week, we unfortunately get only one photo teaser this week.
However, this photo teaser, which is showing us Baek Ji Young’s “Rare Condition” concept, emphasizes her beauty the best. Wearing a simple white shirt, she look very innocent and graceful. Since the color of white is really dominant in her 3rd concept teaser, you get the image of Baek Ji Young being an angel. Beside that, you can clearly see how flawless her skin is.

Baek Ji Young is going to release her 8th full-length album as well as a 40-paged photobook on 19th May.


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