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Dalmatian Visits KPopulous

Dalmatian Visits KPopulous

Dalmatian’s doggy dogs show their cuteness and on a recent interview on Pops in Seoul.

The boys started with a cool intro showing their talent at the beginning of the interview.

They talked about their comeback with the track ‘He is Disproved’ and also the introduction of the remix version, which has a different sound, and Daniel even signed a bit part of it.

According to them the original version had a sweet and cheerful sound, while the remix version is more intense and upbeat. They also mentioned about the changes in the choreography and how they replaced the ‘musical concept’ for a dance routine.

During a video of their MV filming Young Won said that people were calling him ‘smurf’ so he literally turned into one for a few seconds, and Dari confessed that he strained his neck after practicing for 10 hours.

The boys mentioned that they had two sources of their energy on stage, one of them is their dream to become the best group, as well as their thoughts of how to give happiness to the audience.

A music representative has also mentioned that the boys have set themselves apart from other idols, because their songwriting skills.

The members also revealed that they actually considered ‘Lost in Love’ as their tittle song and shared the fondness they have for this track.

Check the video and you will be able to listen their ‘Food Song’ as well as their letter to their fans. Also you will be able to discover their individual talents, like Day Day imitating Yoda, Dari’s rap skills, Daniel’s powerful voice and the charming vocals of Jisu and Young Won.

Source : GoKpop


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