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Fin.K.L’s Sung Yuri and Lee Jin’s High School Pictures Revealed

Fin.K.L's Sung Yuri and Lee Jin's High School Pictures Revealed

Images of former Fin.K.L. members Lee Jin and Sung Yu Ri dating back to their days of high school students have been receiving much positive attention as of late.

Recently, images of former first generation Hallyu group, Fine Killing Liberty, also known as Fin.K.L. members Sung Yu Ri and Lee Jin as students in high school.

Uploaded to a portal website with the title of “Days as ulzzangs of Daechi-dong”, Yu Ri and Jin are shown displaying their fresh-faced and youthful charms while wearing their school uniforms, proving their superior, natural beauty.


Netizens responded warmly to the two ex-Fin.K.L. members, making such comments as “Lee Jin is really pretty”, “Both were pretty ever since high school”, and “You were both pretty during FinKL days, but it looks like you deserved the ulzzang title during high school too.”

Source : GoKpop


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