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G-Dragon Earns More from Copyrights than Professional Composers

G-Dragon Earns More from Copyrights than Professional Composers

Recently Big Bang’s Seungri revealed his bandmate, G-Dragon’s income from royalties. He stated that G-Dragon is considered the number-1 composer in the Copyright Association surpassing various professional composers such as Cho Young Soo.

Big Bang’s Seungri and Daesung appeared in a recent episode of Mnet’s ‘Beatles Codes’. During his appearance, Seungri revealed that G-Dragon earns more from copyrights for his composed tracks than any other Korean composer. “G-Dragon-hyung is currently considered #1 in the Copyright Association. He’s [ranking] even higher than composer, Cho Young Soo”, Seungri stated.

Then he told more about G-Dragon’s work as a composer, “G-Dragon has 120 registered tracks under his name. These tracks were not meant to be solely Big Bang’s, but also for his own solo album, Taeyang’s, mine, 2NE1’s and Uhm Jung Hwa’s. He’s composed and participated in countless songs.”

Thereupon MC of ‘Beatles Codes’, Yoon Jong Shin, asked, “Do you know how much G-Dragon gets paid through royalties?” Surprising even Daesung, Seungri responded, “Because I’ve always had an interest in market researching, I do know his income through royalties.”

Currently, Big Bang is on their LOVE & HOPE Tour in Japan.

Source : GoKpop


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