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KARA on their First Broadcast Appearance on “Strong Heart”

KARA on their First Broadcast Appearance on "Strong Heart"

KARA, who’s 3 members (Kang Jiyoung, Jung Nicole, and Han Seungyeon) recently struggled in a contractual dispute that was finally resolved after a hundred days, chooses “Strong Heart” as the group’s first broadcast appearance together.

According to DSP Media, on the afternoon of May 12, the members filmed an episode for SBS’ “Strong Heart” , and added, “The inaugural episode of ‘City Hunter,’ through which Goo Hara is debuting as an actress, is just around the corner on May 25th. The members decided to make an appearance on ‘Strong Heart’ in order to cheer her on. They also wish to make use of this chance to explain why they couldn’t promote within Korea, and to seek their fans’ understanding.”

It has been 5 months since they ended their local promotion for “Jumping”. The group is currently in midst of preparing for their June comeback and will hold their second official fan-meeting on June 11th at Seoul Chamsil Indoor Stadium.

Source : GoKpop


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