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Park Bom Holds Her Place At No.1 On GAON

Park Bom Holds Her Place At No.1 On GAON

Rising to the top on the GAON charts last week, nothing could keep Park Bom down as her single “Don”t Cry” charted no.1 for its 2nd consecutive week.

Despite the tough competition, 2NE1’s Park Bom held strong at no.1 with “Don’t Cry” while f(x) also kept their spot at no.2.

On the other hand veteran artists Lim Jae Beom debuted at no.3 with “For You”, and After School’s “Shampoo” rose an impressive 11 spots ranking 4th.

Finally SISTAR’s newest subunit group SISTAR 19 has proven to be a hit, as they debuted at no.5 with “Ma Boy”.

While many artists took a hard beating dropping over 5-10 spots, while some like Girls’ Generation experienced a boost, rising to no.18 with ‘Mr.Taxi”.


Which song do you think will rank no.1 next week?

Source : GoKpop


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