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IU Gets Attacked By Laser Beams During Performance

IU Gets Attacked By Laser Beams During Performance

Performing at a recent college event at Kyungwon University, IU felt the hostility of her anti fans as she was attacked by lasers directed to her face.

While IU had managed to unite the crowd with her performances of “Good Day” as they sang along to her, during her performance of “The Story Only I Didn’t Know”, IU’s face suddenly came under fire from laser beams from antis, who attempted to interrupt her performance trying to blind her.

Thankfully IU was able to handle the attacks that lasted around 10 seconds finishing the song without any issues, but fans are now worried if IU suffered any retina damage, as even a few seconds of direct contact with a laser beam, can cause permanent damage to the eye.

Check out the incident below starting at 0:45

Source : GoKpop


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