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[Breaking] SNSD to Announce “Big News”?

SNSD to Announce "Big News"?

SNSD, known in Japan as Shoujo Jidai, recently updated their official Japanese website with the vague, yet exciting announcement of “Big News” to come!

It seems that SNSD has big plans in store for their fans within the next few coming days, as earlier today, the group’s official Japanese website and their page on Universal Music has been updated with the announcement of “BIG NEWS”.


Supposedly, the details of SNSD’s big announcement will be released on the 16th in Japan, which will be the 15th in the West. Other than the upcoming date, nothing else regarding this recent update is known. It has been supposed that perhaps they will be announcing their first Japanese album, however, this is entirely unconfirmed.

What do you think SNSD’s “Big News” could possibly be?

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[Breaking] Super Junior Reveals Covers for ‘Bijin’

Super Junior Reveals Covers for 'Bijin'

Super Junior is set to release their first official Japanese single ‘Bijin’, the Japanese version of ‘Bonamana’ and CD Japan recently updated their website with the covers for the release!

Super Junior had previously released various CDs and special singles in the Japanese and while chronologically this is their third single in the country, this is the first one to have full scale promotions; which is why it’s being promoted as their ‘1st Single’. Super Junior had previously released ‘U/Twins’ and ‘Marry U’ as special singles in Japan.

The picture above is presumably the Circle K Sunkus edition while the ones below are the other covers for the other versions of the single.

This is the cover for the mu-mo edition:

CD + CD Extra Cover:

CD+DVD edition:

The single will be released in four formats, CD+DVD, CD Only, which will be released as a CD-Extra, a Circle K Sunkus edition which includes a free Flash mobile application, and a mu-mo edition. The mu-mo edition is the only one which CD tracklist is different.

Are you guys ready for Super Junior’s ‘Bijin’?

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[Breaking] Jay Park Releases “Level 1000” MV

Jay Park Releases "Level 1000" MV

After releasing his title track’s MV for “Abandoned” followed then with ‘Tonight” Jay Park has surprised fans once again releasing the MV for the track “Level 1000”.

While “Abandoned” and “Tonight” displayed Jay Park’s talent as a dancer as well as showing off different sides of himself, “Level 1000” displays Jay Park’s raw talent as a rapper, alongside friend and popular rapper Dok2.

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[Breaking]Beast Unleashes ‘On Rainy Days’

While Beast is slated to release its latest album “Fiction and Fact” on May 17, the group has given fans a taste of whats to come with the digital single “On Rainy Days.”
Beast has unleashed its newest digital single, “On Rainy Days,” in preparation for its upcoming album “Fiction and Fact.” The song is quite emotionally intense and very sad. It was actually recorded during a rainy day, to make it sound more authentic and gloomy.
Let us know what you think!

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[Breaking]2NE1 Unleash “Lonely” MV

2NE1 Unleash "Lonely" MV

It’s finally out! We finally get to watch 2NE1’s music video for their single, “Lonely”. Don’t miss it!

Following Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” and various teasers released over the past days, 2NE1 finally present us their full music video for their brand new song, “Lonely”.

Before releasing “Lonely”, 2NE1 said that this song would be different from 2NE1’s past tracks, and indeed, 2NE1 surprise us by their new style as well as by their great acting skills in their “Lonely” MV.

Do you like “Lonely” and its music video?

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[Breaking] 5dolls’ ‘Like This or That’ MV

5dolls' 'Like This or That' MV

5dolls memebrs cannot wait anymore for their comeback, and have released their first MV for ‘Like This or That’.

Yesterday the 5dolls announced that they will return on May 11th and also introduced a teaser of their first MV ‘Like This or That’ .

Now they have finally revealed the complete version of it making fans really happy with the fast updates.

Like we mentioned the MV has a comic-like style. The song is quite surprising at the beginning and presents powerful vocals. The story revolves around Hyo Young being the new girl at school and how she and Hye Won become friends after being fooled by the same guy.

Also if you take a closer look at the beginning of the MV there is a little mistake since Hye Won’s name is written as Hey Won, probably just a cute typo, that will surely cause some discussion among the fans.

Take a look at the video and rember that they will promote two tracks this time, so be ready for the next MV that will feature the song ‘Without You’.

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[Breaking] Jay Park Unleashes “Tonight” MV

Jay Park Unleashes "Tonight" MV

Taking the charts by storm with his debut mini album and title track “Abandoned”, Jay Park has just released his “Tonight” MV.

From his Top 10 hit album on itunes, to his ranking on the Billboard World Charts, to his victory on Music Bank, Jay Park shows off his more playful side in the “Tonight” MV.

Check out the MV below

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