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4minute and Thelma Aoyama Reveals “WITHOUT U”

4minute and Thelma Aoyama Reveals "WITHOUT U" [via Jpopasia]

Thelma Aoyama reveals the English version for “WITHOUT U”. The song is a collaboration with 4minute!

The English version will be available all throughout Asia. The Japanese version will be released sometime before the single becomes available on the 25th.

Check out the song:

Source : JpopAsia via GoKpop


miss A reveals their first English song, “Love Alone”

Ahead of their comeback, miss A (Fei, Jia, Min, Suzy) have released the song “Love Alone.” A few days ago, JYP had blogged a few second preview to miss A’s upcoming single that will be released sometimes in May for their comeback. This has had fans anticipate their comeback even more.

miss A made their debut in July 2010 with “Bad Girl Good Girl” and shot right to the top. They were a hit. “Love Alone” is a trendy pop-dance song and was composed by the famous German producer Fuego and has attracted much attention. Fuego ranked No.1 on the Billboard Singles Chart in 2009 with Jason DeRulo’s “Watcha Say.”

The song “Alone Love” was recorded entirely in English and is for Kim Yuna’s “KCC Switzen All That Skate Spring 2011.” The group will perform this on Kim Yuna’s show on May 6 thru 8th and will be part of their upcoming album.

Source: Bugs via koreaboo

JYP asks for forgiveness for Wonder Girls’ delayed album

After giving a surprise preview of miss A’s new song, JYP has surprised everyone once again by expressing how sorry he was for the past delays on Wonder Girls’ English album.

On April 30th, he wrote on Twitter that the girls have been working with the world’s best songwriters, artists, and companies; things haven’t exactly been going his way since these big names of the industry are busy people, therefore, the process of making the album was delayed.

JYP continued to say that if everyone saw who they were, then people would understand and forgive him. Lastly, he said to expect a lot from the album, which is almost finished.

His tweets about the matter seem to come after a long day working with the Wonder Girls’ music in Los Angeles. He had previously tweeted that after working on miss A’s new song and 2PM’s on Friday, he would work on Wonder Girls’ music on Saturday, followed by a “special project” the next day.

What do you think of JYP’s words?

Source: @followjyp, Fantastics and @shmesmx3 via koreaboo

Jay Park Sings English Version of “Abandoned”

Jay Park Sings English Version of "Abandoned"

After Jay Park released his mini-album, “Take A Deeper Look”, and the music video for his title track, “Abandoned”, lots of fans expressed their wish Jay Park to release an English version of the song. Jay Park noticed this wish and uploaded the English version of “Abandoned” for us.

Yesterday, Jay Park uploaded a video message on his official YouTube Channel singing the English version of his brand new track, “Abandoned”.
He revealed that this song’s lyrics were originally written in English and that the Korean version of it was written after the English version. However, Jay Park never got to record the English version, but he sings it for us, who want to cover it or just wonder how it sounds like.

Have a listen to the English version of “Abandoned” below!

I remeber the day,
When you said to me,
Baby, I’m sorry but right that I just got to leave
Then I remember it seeing was you turn your back
Seeing you turn your back
Your lovely lovely back
How could you do me like that
You were my world you my other half
You took my love and flushed it right down the drain
Now all I’m feelin’ is pain and now there’s no way to save it why

You’re the one who call it quits and than just walked away
Everytime I close my eyes I can just picture your cold face
And the way you did me so wrong it was like no other pain
I was madly in love with you but you were just playin’ games oh

I’m usually the type to move on to the next one
Gone to the next one but, girl, you’re the best one
Got me twisted, can’t accept that you moved on
Girl, where have you gone, why’d your feelings go lukewarm

I know you’re so bad for me, I’m in pain but you just laugh at me
It’s such a tragedy, I want you back with me even though I know you’re bad for me

You abdoned straight up like I was a warehouse
So there are a couple of things that I wanted aired out
You taking that love from me you don’t even have the common courtesy
To know that you’re hurtin’ me it’s so abserd to me
Baby, how could you just get up and leave

Source : GoKpop

Rania reveals English MV for “Dr. Feel Good”

Despite a few snags, Rania finally finished their debut stages and has successfully made an entry into the Korean music market. Their title song “Dr. Feel Good,” a track produced by Teddy Riley, has been getting a lot of attention especially for Rania’s sexual choreography.

Rania has had to change both their choreography and outfits for music shows. But this hasn’t stopped Rania from making an impact with their debut song, “Dr. Feel Good.”

After releasing their debut single on April 6th and Korean music video for “Dr. Feel Good,” Rania has finally revealed the music video for the English version of the song. The music video follows a similar format than the 1st, however, different shots and zooming in of certain parts in the music video makes it feel a lot more sexual.

Can you see what is different about the music video? Which version do you like better, the Korean or English version?

Source : KoreaBoo

source : KoreaBoo

2NE1’s English Album Is Almost Complete?

2NE1's English Album Is Almost Complete?

Attending the premiere of the his new movie, Black Eyed Peas member Will.I.Am revealed info on 2NE1’s upcoming all English album and his plans on making the group go global.

While he confirmed 8 tracks had been completed, Will.I.Am isn’t stopping there as he plans on recording 2 more songs for the album which he says will take some time.

Will.I.Am who is a close friend with 2NE1, makes it clear that is hoping to take 2NE1’s popularity in Korea, to every country the same way Black Eyed Peas are able to do so with their music.

source : GoKpop