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Big Bang Adds 9 More Countries to ‘Global Event’

Big Bang Adds 9 More Countries to 'Global Event'

Big Bang has just added more countries to their ‘Global Event’ on Facebook. Curious which countries?

Last month, with the release of their special edition, Big Bang has started a ‘Global Event’ on their official Facebook page. Millions of fans have been voting like crazy for their countries as they want Big Bang to visit it very much.

Today Big Bang added 9 more countries to vote for. In addition to the already listed 27 countries from America, Europe and Asia, a new division has been launched with the following additional countries.


Source : GoKpop


2NE1 Announces ‘Global Event’

2NE1 Announces 'Global Event'

2NE1 and YG present a ”Global Event’ for fans with an amazing prize.

2NE1 has introduced their first ‘Global Event’ just like Big Bang.

In this case fans will have to make a cover of their new single ‘Lonely’ and upload it on YouTube. Since YG is promoting this event creativity is a must.

All 2NE1 fans in the world can participate in this event, it does not matter where you are or your nationality, and can make an individual or group cover. The ones who want to join will have to post a comment on their official event site and attach the video with the tittle ‘2NE1 LONELY COVER CONTEST’. The contest is already open and will finish on June 21st.

The most important thing is the prize right? Well be sure you are calm for this because the winner will be selected by 2NE1 members by the end of June, and it can be a solo winner or a team.

The winner will be able to attend 2NE1’s Summer concert, also they will get the airline tickets, accommodation and concert tickets as well as a YG building tour.

The runner up will receive 2NE1’s signed album, goodies and and a signed Polaroid.

The second runner up, which will consist of 5 solos or teams, will get 2NE1’s signed album.

Finally all videos will be on 2NE1’s official YouTube channel.

This is an opportunity that can not be missed so go right now and make an amazing cover, and who knows one of you might be the winner.



Source : GoKpop

Former U-Kiss Member, Kim Kibum to Hold Fan Meeting in Singapore

Former U-Kiss Member, Kim Kibum to Hold Fan Meeting in Singapore

Kibum announced via Twitter that he will have a fan meeting in Singapore on May 21st.

Former member of boyband, U-Kiss, Kibum, will hold a Meet&Greet Session in Singapore at IMM Garden Plaza on Saturday, 21st May at 2.30 p.m.
He revealed this news by tweeting, “Kwahahaha Singapore Fan Gathering May 21, Saturday Meet&Greet Session: 2.30pm at IMM Garden Plaza.”

His current company, HnB Company, confirmed his fan meeting, “Kim will be visiting Singapore next week regarding business deals for his doll, Piro Piro, and while he is there he plans to meet his fans. We are still in talks on the final schedule.”

“(…) it’s great to see that Kim Kibum has not forgotten about his fans”, netizens commented on Kibum’s upcoming event.

TVXQ To Perform at A-Nation 2011 This Summer

TVXQ To Perform at A-Nation 2011 This Summer

2 years after their last performance as a group of 5, TVXQ will return this summer performing at avex entertainment’s a-nation concert series.

A-nation is a summer concert series, held every year by Japanese company avex entertainment home to TVXQ since their debut in 2004.

After the group’s hiatus in 2009, TVXQ was not present for a-nation in 2010 as JYJ took their place, but now their finally back.

The group will kick off their performances with Fukuoka August 6th, followed by Nagoya August 13, Osaka August 20-21st, ending with their performance in Tokyo August 27-28th.

Source : GoKpop

SMTown Paris Will Have a Second Date

SMTown Paris Will Have a Second Date

After the SMTown Paris tickets were completely sold out, fans requested a second date, and finally SM has listened to them.

The tickets for the first concert on June 10th were sold-out in just 15 minutes, with prices from 56 to 111 Euros, and were even scalped for 399 Euros.

Since many fans were not able to get a ticket for the concert they asked SM to consider a second date with a flash-mob outside the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Al the efforts made bu the fans actually had a great outcome since SM has decided to present a second concert on June 11th, and during both days they expect around 13,000 fans from all over Europe.

The tickets are not available yet, but we will bring you more news as soon as there is more information about them.

Europeans fans now can be happy to get a hold of this incredible opportunity.

Source : GoKpop

IU is appointed as ambassador for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

Singer IU has been appointed as the honorary ambassador for EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea. Expo 2012 is a world renowned expo held in Yeosu from May 12 to August 12, 2012. The theme of the Expo is focused on sustainability and living, entitled “The Living Ocean and Coast” with subthemes of “Preservation and Sustainable Development of the Ocean and Coast,” “New Resources Technology,” and “Creative Marine Activities.” The Yeosu Expo comes right after the Shanghai 2010 expo and is expected to attract over 100 countries and international organizations with nearly 8 million visitors.

On May 6th, the organizing committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea expressed that they would be carrying out the appointment ceremony on May 9th at the Hyundai Building.

During this event, IU is scheduled to present the logo song she sang for this EXPO, “Memories of the Sea.” The song is composed by Yoon Sang with lyrics written by Park Changhak. During the appointment ceremony, the composer of this logo song will also be attending the event to share about the production process behind his composition.

Source: Star News and We Heart IU via koreaboo

B2st to Meet Fans Around Asia

B2st to Meet Fans Around Asia

Cube Entertainment recently released a notice to their official website about BEAST activities this coming months and future.

Cube entertainment revealed B2ST activities in an article at their official website which was posted today, May 6th.


Hello. This is Cube Entertainment.Cube family is waiting for you all, BEAST’s new beginning and the relevant news will be given.

First, in the coming month of July, BEAST will hold large-scale fan meetings throughout Asia, allowing them to meet with fans.

BEAST has cherished this position for the Asia tour concert that it was enough to make a trailer for it.

Expect it to be spectacular.

Second, BEAST will have comeback in Korea in the near future.

They had debuted in 1 year and 7 months from this time. But every moment in the meantime, the members of BEAST has continually demonstrated and developed the transformation to the BEAST we know today.

We would like to thank you all again for your unwavering support and encouragement.

After going through intense preparation, BEAST is ready to put that to an end and reveal themselves.

BEAST’s official announcement on their new album.

On the morning of May 9th, Cube Entertainment is schedules to release information on their official website. Thank you for your attention and expectations.

Thank you.

Source : GoKpop