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KARA Reveal Their Emotional Tears On “Strong Heart” Preview

KARA Reveal Their Emotional Tears On “Strong Heart” Preview

After months of suffering in a grueling court battle against their label DSP Entertainment, that nearly led to their disbandment, KARA is back in their 1st televised appearance on SBS’s “Strong Heart”, set to air May 17th and 24th .

Despite the usual comedic tone of “Strong Heart”, KARA’s story was no laughing matter, as tears quickly overcame the girls in discussing their situation in the past 4 months.

The emotions of leader Gyuri who was originally unaware of problem when it happened, can be seen as she says “I had no one to turn to.”

While member Seungyeon understanding just how much suffering the group has gone through admited, “So many things have changed in just a few months.”

Source : GoKpop


Jay Park Reveals Why He Does Not Contact 2PM

Jay Park Reveals Why He Does Not Contact 2PM

Once again Jay Park is questioned about 2PM and the reasons why he is not in contact with them.

Jay Park recently hold an interview with Newsen, which some fans found a bit rude because it has some unnecessary questions and remarks.

The article started praising Jay for his first place on music show. However it later mentioned that he finally caught the public’s eyes who were uninterested in him before.

They continued saying that he was receiving so mush attention is because he used to be a member of 2PM. The article also mentioned that he was ‘thrown out’ due to a ‘scandal’ and that he turned his back to his previous group. They also mentioned that their previous friendship relationship has now turned into the one of strangers that can not even exchange a hello.

During a recent interview the person holding it mentioned that he tried to take the topic of 2PM while questioning him about his current activities.

The reporter continued by saying that even though it was uncomfortable for him he had to ask about 2PM a bit. Jay jokingly replied that if it was uncomfortable then he should not talk about it. The writer also said that since he smiled when he heard the word 2PM he supposed that he was saying that he was ready to answer and Jay also replied that he was not uncomfortable so could proceed with his question.

They asked Jay if it was true that he did not keep in touch with 2PM, which he coolly responded saying he was right. According to the writer opinion he showed an ‘uncaring’ and ‘not-big-of-a-deal’ attitude. He continued by asking him that if the 2PM members did not contact him, would not it be good for him to contact them first, and Jay actually asked him if it is the case then the members can also do it first.

The interviwer did not stop there and asked him ‘what’s the biggest reason you don’t contact them first?’, luckily Jay has learned how to manage the press and repluied with a simple ‘just because’. After that the reported insisted since he thought Jay heard wrong and asked him once again if it was ‘just because?’, to which nodded and replied with the same answer. The reported then stated that he thought it was meaningless to keep answering him.

Jay finished the interview saying that he will be really glad if he meets the members of 2PM during a broadcats. He mentioned that he run into 2AM’s Jo Kwon during Inkigayo and that both of them talked for a bit. However for the time being a meeting is quite difficult since 2PM is promoting in Japan.

It is a bit difficult for the fans that reporters are always asking the same questions to Jay over and over again, and in this particular case, they thought that the one in charge of the interview was a bit rude, since during the whole article it seemed like he only wanted to get some gossips instead of talking about Jay’s development in the industry. On the good side Jay has learned how to manage this situations, which made his fans feel less worried about him.


SS501 Members Reunite During Heo Young Saeng’s Solo Debut

SS501 Members Reunite During Heo Young Saeng's Solo Debut

SS501 members reunite to cheer Heo Young Saeng on his solo debut.

Heo Young Saeng made his solo debut on the recent episode of Music Bank with the song ‘Let it Go’.

Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Kyu Jong made a space on their busy schedules and visited Heo Young Saeng backstage to support him. Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun actually also wanted to be there, but could not attend due to previous commitments.

Fans are trully happy that the members of SS501 are so close despite being part of different agencies now, but they still keep the bond they have had for such a long time.

Who knows maybe we can see all the members together soon.

Source : GoKpop

Big Bang Adds 9 More Countries to ‘Global Event’

Big Bang Adds 9 More Countries to 'Global Event'

Big Bang has just added more countries to their ‘Global Event’ on Facebook. Curious which countries?

Last month, with the release of their special edition, Big Bang has started a ‘Global Event’ on their official Facebook page. Millions of fans have been voting like crazy for their countries as they want Big Bang to visit it very much.

Today Big Bang added 9 more countries to vote for. In addition to the already listed 27 countries from America, Europe and Asia, a new division has been launched with the following additional countries.


Source : GoKpop

Baek Ji Young’s 4th Concept Teasers

Baek Ji Young's 4th Concept Teasers

From her recently released 3rd concept teaser, Baek Ji Young expresses a more darker side, contrasting to her previous teasers which showed her innocence. What can we expect from this album?

In these teasers, Baek Ji Young is seen in a tight corset, to wearing shorts, in roller blades to wearing a black cape, which shows off her provocative charm.

Her 8th album will be released on May 19th equipped with a 40 paged photo album containing all of her photo teasers and more.

https://i0.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7659-h5dmflq7d8.jpg https://i2.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7659-8jhy0a2txo.jpg https://i0.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7659-2cgnejtwo8.jpg https://i2.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7659-s007glan5r.jpg https://i2.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7659-2n8ych2eth.jpg

Which Single Will BEAST Releases In Japan Next?

Which Single Will BEAST Releases In Japan Next?

After the success they had with their debut single “SHOCK”, BEAST is wasting no time in continuing their expansion into the Japanese market, announcing their 2nd single “Bad Girl”.

Nearly 2 years after its release in their 2nd mini album BEAST is B2ST , BEAST will return to Japan June 15th with the release of their 2nd single “Bad Girl”.

Much like their debut single “SHOCK” the single will be released in 4 different versions, each containing a special remix of one of their past Korean tracks from “SHOCK”, “Special” and “Mystery”.


Regular Edition


Limited Edition A


Limited Edition B


Limited Edition C

Are you excited for BEAST’s return to Japan with “Bad Girl”, or is there another song you think they should release instead?

Source : GoKpop

IU Gets Attacked By Laser Beams During Performance

IU Gets Attacked By Laser Beams During Performance

Performing at a recent college event at Kyungwon University, IU felt the hostility of her anti fans as she was attacked by lasers directed to her face.

While IU had managed to unite the crowd with her performances of “Good Day” as they sang along to her, during her performance of “The Story Only I Didn’t Know”, IU’s face suddenly came under fire from laser beams from antis, who attempted to interrupt her performance trying to blind her.

Thankfully IU was able to handle the attacks that lasted around 10 seconds finishing the song without any issues, but fans are now worried if IU suffered any retina damage, as even a few seconds of direct contact with a laser beam, can cause permanent damage to the eye.

Check out the incident below starting at 0:45

Source : GoKpop