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SHINee for “ELLE Girl” Japan

SHINee for "ELLE Girl" Japan

With their Japanese debut soon approaching, the boys of SHINee were recently featured in a photo shoot for “ELLE Girl” Japan.

Soon to make their official Japanese debut with the release of the single “Replay” on June 21st, the Korean idol group SHINee was recently featured in this month’s issue of “ELLE Girl” Japan.

Displaying their new debut concepts and an unique sense of style, the boys of SHINee create a fun and youthful atmosphere.

Check out SHINee in “ELLE Girl” below:

https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7641-wjgw6y80d8.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7641-hk2svj34gu.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7641-fb5nc97b0z.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7641-jy2s5yi4ta.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7641-mtdss41ed6.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7641-yvs7pywdh7.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7641-zz4tvhfr7z.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7641-ihgbncu46q.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7641-8wredbbws8.jpg

Also, behind-the-scenes footage was released of the shoot, as seen below:


JYJ Represents Korea For V Magazine “The Asian Issue”

JYJ Represents Korea For V Magazine “The Asian Issue”

Hitting stands this week V Magazine has released a special “Asian Issue” featuring many top Asian artists, and JYJ know as “Asia’s most closely followed and voraciously consumed boy band” is the only Korean artists to take part of the issue.

With the bold title “MADE IN KOREA’ the magazine talks about the group’s devoted fans, to their personal struggles, and even their US debut, with their debut album “The Beginning” slated for release next month in the United States, nearly 1 year after its original release.

You can buy your copy of V Magazine’s “The Asian Issue” HERE.

Source : GoKpop

U-Kiss Featured in “Junior” Magazine

U-Kiss Featured in "Junior" Magazine

The members of the newly revamped U-Kiss were recently featured in a pictorial for the May issue of “Junior” magazine.

The boys of U-Kiss were recently featured in a rather exotic shoot for the May issue of “Junior” magazine.

Their chic, preppy clothing paired with the whimsy of a variety of realistic stuffed animals create a fun and charming atmosphere, where showcase the members’ youthful energy.

Check out U-Kiss in the May edition of “Junior” magazine below:

https://i0.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7548-a75r4vo0yh.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7548-g3vk7w6rbi.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7548-k8r27magsf.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7548-aw59evruxm.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7548-jkvu34snbk.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7548-7zyye7up4z.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7548-upcrcqwvar.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7548-h182pp9on8.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7548-2sx1qfvgrn.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7548-jntad77v7d.jpg 

Source : GoKpop

Inkigayo Magazine Features X-5 for May Issue

Inkigayo Magazine Features X-5 for May Issue

Boy group X-5 have been remarkable and unstoppable rookies, which was expressed in Inkigayo Magazine’s May Issue. From beating rivals to producing outstanding performances, X-5 is definitely the group to look out for in 2011!

SBS’ popular music show ‘Inkigayo’ chose X-5 as their ‘power rookie’ to feature on May’s issue of the magazine. The members of X-5, (Gun, Haewon, Tae Pung, Jin, Solhu) also posed for a sophisticated yet playful photo shoot for the magazine spread!



Meanwhile, X-5’s debut album, “Don’t Show” is continuing positive sales as they promote themselves through vigorous activities.

source : GoKPop, estydiaadeem@blogspot.com, spn.edaily.co.kr

Kim So Eun for “CECI” Magazine

Kim So Eun for "CECI" Magazine

“Boys Over Flower” actress Kim So Eun recently participated in a bold and bright photo shoot for the May issue of “CECI” magazine.

Actress Kim So Eun, perhaps most well known for her supporting role in the 2009 smash hit drama “Boys Over Flowers”, and more recently for her participation in the sitcom “Happiness in the Wind”, was recently featured in a bold and colorful pictorial for the May issue of “CECI” magazine.

In the may edition of CECI, Kim So Eun displayed her versatility, and ability to flawlessly transition into a difficult concept. While she is typically known for her feminine and innocent style, Kim embodied the theme of the shoot “Neon Matrix” with ease.

In regards to Kim’s transformation, a staff member stated, “It’s much more difficult to pull of bold, neon colored outfits instead of neutral or one-colored pieces. Kim So Eun was able to pull off funky hairstyles, red lips, and various mixtures of colors so perfectly, that the photo shoot came out very nicely.

Check out Kim So Eun’s “CECI” photo shoot below:

https://i2.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7414-ldqlbi6dud.jpg https://i0.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7414-ds3p5s9rle.jpg https://i0.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7414-fjlb4ezprq.jpg https://i0.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7414-90v1z758nl.jpg https://i1.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7414-60phamy4r8.jpg

source : Nate, GoKpop

SHINee greets Japanese shawols + other debut info

We recently reported that SHINee will be making their debut in Japan with “Replay” on June 22. The group will be releasing both a limited edition premium version and a regular version of the album. Because of the popularity of ringtones in Japan, EMI Music will be offering the ringtone version through mobile sites starting April 28.

Besides changes in the music video, there will also be major adjustments to the singing parts of each member. It is predicted that Taemin and Minho will be given more parts considering their lack of lines in the Korean version.

Considered as an “irreplaceable classic” by professionals in the music industry, ‘Replay’ was chosen to be most suitable as SHINee’s debut song. The lyrics are also said to be rewritten well to fit the Japanese language.

In anticipation for their upcoming debut, SHINee filmed a video thanking their fans for their support. The group begins in unison, “Everyone from Japan, this is shining SHINee.” They bow and each member introduces themselves.
Onew: Nice to meet you, I’m shining SHINee’s leader, Onew.
Jonghyun: Hello, I’m SHINee’s “Bling Bling, Jonghyun.”
Taemin: Hello, I’m SHINee’s maknae, Taemin.
Minho: Hello, I’m SHINee’s “Flaming Charisma, Minho.”
Key: Hello, I’m SHINee’s “Almighty Key, Key.”
Onew continued, “Finally, we will make our Japanese debut with ‘Replay.’” Key added, “Thank you to our fans warm support, which is the reason why we decided to debut in Japan. From now on, we will sing and perform as SHINee so that we can respond to your support. We will always do our best. Please look forward to it.” The group then ended with, “This is shining SHINee!”

On the official Japanese SHINee website, the concept image for SHINee’s debut was revealed. As reported earlier, Key and Taemin have dyed their hair blonde and red, respectively. In the photo, the members sport short hair and colorful, casual clothing while standing in a room filled with balloons.

Posted Image

Posted Image

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SHINee was also featured in two Japanese newspapers, the “Sankei Sports” and “Sanspo Kan Fun.” The Sanspo article reveals that the popular five-member boy group will debut in Japan on June 22. In celebration of their debut, a special event will be held in the Abbey Road Studio in London. The place is a significant tourist attraction because of its past; the Beatles recorded most of their albums there. SHINee’s performance marks the first time the studio will be used by Asian artists. The event has been scheduled to take place June 19, and Japanese fans have been invited to attend.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Mezamashi TV is scheduled to introduce SHINee’s music video to Japanese shawols tomorrow. They will also broadcast greetings from the group.

Are you excited for SHINee’s debut?

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G.NA Goes Classic for ‘Sure’ Magazine

G.NA Goes Classic for 'Sure' Magazine

G.NA shows off her S-lined figure and charismatic look for the ‘Sure’ magazine. The singer displayed a classic look, with an edgy and chic style.

G.NA is probably on the rise to reach the top Korean divas out there. She shows her charismatic confidence in the latest photo shoot for ‘Sure’ magazine. The concept was ‘groovy time zone of your parents’. The singer transformed herself into a 70’s diva, looking simply glamorous.

Check out the photos below and tell us what you think of the hot diva.

https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7220-xer8ep923e.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7220-dbzejmb0zq.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7220-7s94h6m7ja.jpg

Source : GoKpop