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BoA will begin shooting for “COBU 3D” on Monday

Top singer BoA’s acting debut and Hollywood dance movie “COBU 3D” is just around the corner. On May 7th, BoA updated her Twitter and wrote, “Just finished all preparing for my movie… All I need to hear from the director is ..’action’!!!!!!”

She continues, “Shooting starts on next Monday!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheer up for COBU 3D!!”

According to BoA’s agency, SM Entertainment, she has been staying in Toronto, Canada all this while and will officially begin shooting for the movie “COBU 3D” on May 9th.

BoA plays the female lead Aya alongside “Dancing With The Stars” Derek Hough. Their two characters grow up in different environment, but eventually meet at an underground New York club. However, Aya and Donny (Derek Hough) are put into a Romeo and Juliet situation as both of their brothers own rival clubs.

“Step Up” and “Save the Last Dance” director Duane Adler, and “Jumanji” producer Robert Cort have joined together to create “COBU 3D.” SM Entertainment and CJ Entertainment have been listed as co-producers.

Source: Star News and @boa_1105 via koreaboo


Still cut from Rain’s upcoming movie “Take Off: Closer to the Sun” revealed

Rain has been casted in a remake of the 1964 Korean movie “Red Muffler.” The name of the remake movie itself has been changed from “Red Muffler” to “Take Off: Closer to the Sun.”

The producing company of the movie CJ E&M has revealed a still cut from the upcoming movie, which features Rain wearing sunglasses and uniform as he looks back at his fighter jet with the sunset in the background.

In April, Rain and Jeong Seokwon revealed photos of themselves in their air force uniform.

The movie tells of a life and comradeship between fighter pilots and stars Shin Sekyung, Kim Sungsoo, Yoo Junsang, Lee Hana, Jeong Seokwon, and Lee Jongsuk.

Source: 10Asia via koreaboo