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SNSD’s Yuri is Getting Too Skinny?

SNSD's Yuri is Getting Too Skinny?

Yuri, who is known for being one of the group’s sexiest member, looks skinny in their recent group’s performance.

A fancam of Yuri uploaded on Youtube while performing with the group during the input 2011 concert at KBS Hall, attracts attention to many about her health condition.

In the video, Yuri looks so thin for she lost a lot of weight compared to their previous performances. Netizens who had seen the video said, “Please eat some more”, “She works too much!”, “She is too skinny now, she lost her curves”, and so on.

Check out the fancam below.

Source : GoKpop


F.T. Island Joins Facebook

F.T. Island Joins Facebook

Just before their ‘Return’, F.T. Island has joined Facebook.

Lately Korean groups are promoting themselves trough YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, which is really great for their international fans.

F.T. Island could not stay behind and has finally opened a Facebook page, where they will post updates about their releases, activities and more.

Do not hesitate and ‘Like’ this Five Treasures on his official Facebook site HERE

Source : GoKpop

2NE1’s Lack of Promotions Upset Netizens

2NE1's Lack of Promotions Upset Netizens

Netizens were left very disappointed after it was revealed that 2NE1 would not be participating in any promotional activities for their new single ‘Lonely’.

Their new single is due for release on May 12th, but the group’s company YG Entertainment has decided against the girls participating in any of the music shows. Instead it was decided that the group will make their comeback stages later on when they release a more upbeat single that is easier to dance to on stage.

Many netizens are upset about this, further fuelled by their disappointment of Park Bom’s lack of promotions for her solo single ‘Don’t Cry’. Some netizens have even suggested that YG Entertainment does not have enough confidence for the girls to perform well solely based on their vocal abilities, and that it should not just be upbeat and danceable songs that get to participate in promotions.

Source : GoKpop

B1A4 attracts noona fans and will host a fan-sign event

B1A4 has made an explosive debut in the music industry and is catching a lot of attention from netizens of all ages.

On May 4th, a picture of B1A4’s appearance at MBC Pyojun FM “Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night Radio” was uploaded. They were dressed in ordinary street clothes rather than outfits and were smiling brightly as appropriate for their age. This has attracted even more attention.

The members Jinyoung, BARO, Sandeul, CNU, and Gongchan have been promoting their debut mini album ‘O.K’ for a few weeks now. With the success of their debut, B1A4 has garnered a lot of attention from music fans, and the group has been labeled as young and talented singers with good looks and extraordinary singing abilities.

B1A4 appeared at the radio station with cute looks and happily introduced themselves on Park Kyunglim’s Starry Starry Night’s “7 minutes talk” section. With this appearance, they attracted a lot of noona fans and further increased their popularity amongst music fans.

B1A4 will also hold a fan-sign event this coming Friday in Seoul. The date and location is set to be on May 15th at Central City’s Synnara Records store. The first 150 customers to purchase their album will have the chance to personally receive signatures from all the members! If you’re in Korea, be sure to check this out!

Source: @ponycanyonKR, B14U.net, and Flight B1A4

Excessive PhotoShop Images of SNSD’s Hyoyeon

Excessive PhotoShop Images of SNSD's Hyoyeon Surface

With doll eyes and a slender jaw, a photo of SNSD’s Hyoyeon was excessively edited by netizens which took in much interested on an online bulletin site.

Recently, on Korean web cafes, an image of SNSD’s Hyoyeon was altered and published. Netizens were a bit thrown off by the image because it took away from her unique features.

Seen in the photo below, Hyoyeon is seen with whiter skin, an oval face, brighter eyes and a straighter nose.


Netizens commented, “It’s like a doll face,” “Was this jaw or cosmetic surgery?” “This is not Hyoyeon,” showing a variety of reactions.

source : GoKpop, Newscj.com

Korean Idols Have Cartoon Character Doppelgangers?

 Korean idols’ resemblances to popular cartoon characters became a topic in various web portal sites. Which of your favorite idols have a cartoon character doppelganger?

On an online community bulletin, a collage of photos titled, “Character Resembling Idol” was uploaded and illustrated many popular cartoon characters of Korean and North American shows were compared next to idols!

Idols in the photos included 2PM’s Wooyoung2NE1’s MinzyBig Bang’s Daesung and TaeyangBEAST’s Yo Seob and many others.

The most popular reactions were of Wooyoung and KT’s baby robot ‘Kibot’ as well as SNSD’s Jessica’s resemblance to ‘El Captain.’

In addition, Daesung as ‘ugly doll’Minzy as ‘Strawberry’Yo Seob’s ‘Pocket Monster’SHINee’s Minho as ‘Six Tail Fox’ and Taeyang as ‘Mashimaro’ was popular for being the most accurate for facial features!

Netizens commented, “This is really spot on,” “Daebak ~~!!” “They really look like this kk”

Which idols were the most accurate to their cartoon?


source : GoKpop, Fnn News

Park Bom’s Interview with Cyworld

Park Bom's Interview with Cyworld

Recently 2NE1’s Park Bom had an interview with Cyworld. Check out what messages she has for us and which songs she recommends us to listen to!

Park Bom has just released her second solo single titled “Don’t Cry” and has gained much love for it. It was an all-kill on various music sites for several days, which made Park Bom naturally feel very happy and thankful to her fans.

She recently had an interview with Cyworld in which she talked about “Don’t Cry”, her friendship with Teddy and so on. She also recommended some songs she likes to listen to very much.

The interview started with Park Bom’s message to Cyworld members.

Hello Cyworld members, this is 2NE1’s Park Bom.

I’m introducing myself with my solo song, “Don’t Cry”, this time. Even though I’m coming back after so much time since “You & I”, thank you for showing me so much love this time as well.

The song, “Don’t Cry”, was, of course, made by Teddy-oppa, who also made “You & I”, and is a fast-tempo R&B song that is matched well with a piano melody and house beat. Starting with my solo song, this time, 2NE1 will be releasing a new song every 3 weeks. YG Entertainment’s promotions manager, Miss Sandara, is ambitiously preparing 2NE1’s activities, so we hope that you guys will be excited for it~

There are a lot of fans who love your charismatic voice, do you have a secret to maintain your singing skills?

When I was receiving vocal training, I was often told that my voice is very charismatic, and so it seems like that became a huge confident booster~ I think it’s very important that singers must have confidence in their own voice and be very possessive and loving of their own voice in order to be a good vocalist.
I don’t have a special way of taking care of my voice, I just drink water often and stock up on healthy foods.

How is it like working with Teddy, whom you’ve spent so much time with? And was there ever a happy incident that you’ve had with him?

I work really well with Teddy-oppa. He’s a person that will give me courage and tell me I can do it when I think to myself, “Will I be able to express these feelings?”
Not so much of a pleasant incident, but when “Don’t Cry” was released, and I had seen that it was receiving a good response on several music sites, the first person I thought of was Teddy-oppa. I called him at 1 a.m. and just cried. That was the most memorable incident.

If you get suggested to appear on ‘I’m a singer’, would you want to participate?

Since I haven’t received an invitation yet, I haven’t actually thought about my decision to appear, however, if I really receive an invitation, it seems like I’ll have to think hard about my decision.

Do you think there’s an appeal of doing solo activities that’s different from 2NE1’s activities, and is there a type of music that you want to try when you release a full solo album?
I think the appeal of solo performances is that, when you do solo performances, you, alone, are responsible for the performance through your own capabilities. Because of that, the burden is greater, and its more difficult and lonelier, however, the sense of achievement you get from it is much greater as well.
If I end up doing a full solo album… I want to try doing a powerful song that has a strong sense of rhythm that will allow me to show off my performance and singing skills like Beyonce.

Please recommend some music to the Cyworld members from your previous activities.
The truth is, I’m very attached to this song since it was my first ever solo song. During the promotions, several people had shown their love for it but, whenever I hear that even now it’s still receiving love, I feel a sense of pride and am speechless. I have this hope inside of me that “Don’t Cry” will receive love for as long as “You & I” has.

As it is with anyone, there is always huge importance left behind from the first time. I have my own first solo song, too, but I can never forget my first song as a member of 2NE1. It’s even more precious to me, since it doesn’t only hold great importance to me but to the other members as well.

In the Club
I like how this song expresses the sad feelings of females in a different method. Truthfully, many girls, and I as well, express their pain of love or separation through tears, and other means of expressing pain, but I think that this song expresses it slightly differently. Is it only me that the slight sadness makes me feel even more sad?

If you were to recommend some music that has had a special place in Park Bom’s life?
BEYONCÉ – Irreplaceable
This is a song from my favourite and most respected artist, Beyoncé. During my time as a trainee, I mostly sang covers of Beyoncé’s songs, and this is one of my favourite ones.

ALICIA KEYS – If I Ain’t Got You
This is the song that I mainly sang as a practice song. There’s a version where Usher and Alicia sang it as a duet, and I want to sing it as a duet with another amazing artist someday as well.

Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
I really like this song, so sometimes I would sing this on shows, but all of our YG Family members really like this song, so if it starts playing in our practice room or during filming, we all start bouncing around and sing along.

Source : Gokpop