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Fin.K.L’s Sung Yuri and Lee Jin’s High School Pictures Revealed

Fin.K.L's Sung Yuri and Lee Jin's High School Pictures Revealed

Images of former Fin.K.L. members Lee Jin and Sung Yu Ri dating back to their days of high school students have been receiving much positive attention as of late.

Recently, images of former first generation Hallyu group, Fine Killing Liberty, also known as Fin.K.L. members Sung Yu Ri and Lee Jin as students in high school.

Uploaded to a portal website with the title of “Days as ulzzangs of Daechi-dong”, Yu Ri and Jin are shown displaying their fresh-faced and youthful charms while wearing their school uniforms, proving their superior, natural beauty.


Netizens responded warmly to the two ex-Fin.K.L. members, making such comments as “Lee Jin is really pretty”, “Both were pretty ever since high school”, and “You were both pretty during FinKL days, but it looks like you deserved the ulzzang title during high school too.”

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MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung Was Not Part of Their First Single?

MBLAQ's Cheon Dung Was Not Part of Their First Single?

On a recent episode of ‘Strong Heart’ Cheon Dung confessed that his voice was not included in the first single.

Some of the fans know that back in 2009 MBLAQ’s original line-up was a bit different. Actually Cheon Dung entered the group after the original member, Kim Sang Bae, left just before their debut.

Before their official debut MBLAQ was actually introduced on a photoshot by Nylon where we can still see the original member.

After he quit the band Cheon Dung Joined MBLAQ right before their debut.

On the recent ‘Strong Heart’ episode Cheon Dung finally spoked about this issue. There he confessed that his voice was not included on their first single.

According to him he joined the group 15 days before it’s debut, which is why he was not included in the album. At that time he was not used to such a packed schedule and he also commented that Rain asked him if he was ready for it.

At that time he was only 17 and returned from Philippines not long before. Also he got a few small roles, like the one on IU’s debut album MV.

He actually auditioned for the company and his entrance to MBLAQ was due to a fast decision.

So do you think it was a good idea that he joined MBLAQ? Who knows how different it would be if they kept their original line-up.

Check the cut and enjoy the sweet treat at the end where you will see Cheon Dung dancing.

This is a picture of MBLAQ with Kim Sang Bae, before Cheon Dung joined them.

https://i1.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7562-tiwdjimu6c.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7562-vzoy8kuzo2.jpg

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SM Reveals More Details Related to M1 and the Birth of M2

SM Reveals More Details Related to M1 and the Birth of M2

We previously reported that SM was set to release a new boy band this year, which currently has the codename of M1. Now Lee Soo Man has mentioned that actually two groups will debut.

On a recent conference presented by Lee Soo Man in Stanford University he shared a new strategy from SM Entertainment.

According to him they are currently preparing for the debut of their new boy band that will consist of 12 members.

It will have 7 Korean members and 5 Chinese ones that will work under the same name but in two different teams. Each one of them will promote in Korea and China respectively, and will debut at the same time during this month, and with the same song.

This is the new strategy presented by SM, so now we just need to wait a little while until we discover their official members and details.

N-Train debuting on May 19th + rehearsal pictures revealed

Media Line’s first boy group N-Train will be debuting on May 19th. The boys previously revealed they would be debuting in April, but seeing that they wanted to add another few songs to their debut album, the date got postponed.

Word is that they’ll be debuting with a rather unusual arrangement for a debut, as Media Line is planning on releasing a ballad as their title track. Various practice videos have already popped up onto the Internet.

N-Train will also show themselves as a group for the first time during one of Kim Gunmo’s concerts this coming Monday. In the meantime, Media Line revealed a rehearsal pictures of the upcoming boy group through their cafe at Naver.

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MBLAQ’s Mini Versions

MBLAQ's Mini Versions

Want to know how the MBLAQ members looked like when they were kids? Then you can not miss this video.

MBLAQ members keep revealing more and more secrets on their show ‘Sesame Player’, and finally all of them will allow fans to make a short trip to the past and meet them as little kids.

The next episode of ‘Sesame Player’ will introduce pictures of Seung Ho, G.O, Lee Joon and Cheon Dung when they were little kids. They also will share some embarrassing secrets according to the preview, like how Joon used to walk naked in his house, Seung Ho always asked for new video games and the reason why they are so talented.

Be ready to meet the younger and even cuter versions of the chic idols and do not forget to visit GoKpop for more details of the episode.

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A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji Graduation Picture

A Pink's Jung Eun Ji Graduation Picture

Eun Ji picture surprised A Pink’s fans who are used to their cute and sweet concept.

So far Eun Ji has been highly praised because even though she is only 19 years old, she has a mature style while singing and solid vocals.

Eun Ji looked like a nerdy and average student on the photo. Netizens shared comments like ‘She lost weight and she’s getting prettier as she grows older’, ‘I don’t see the resemblance but she was cute then’ and ‘The kind of face of one of 2~3 model students in a class’.

A Pink members are just adorable, so be ready for the next surprise.



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Yunho’s Sister Confesses She was Abandoned by her Brother

Yunho's Sister Confesses She was Abandoned by her Brother

Yunho introduced his sister for the first time on a TV show, where she made a shocking confession about her brother.

The name of Yunho’s sister is Jung Ji Hae, and during the show she mentioned that once both of them were at the school festival where she was in charge of the introduction, while her brother had the final solo.

She continued saying that after she finished her part she asked Yunho where she should wait for him, and he replied that she should wait at her classroom.

Actually she waited there three hours and Yunho would not appear. Suddenly he arrived out of breath since he returned home and forgot about his sister.

Ji Hae mentioned that she was actually hungry, cold and sleepy and became scared of classrooms. She ended up asking him to reflect upon his actions.

Yunho was a bit embarrassed and once again shared with the public that he is a forgetful person. He also seemed bit regretful about the fact that he forgot about the only person he shouldn’t and also was sad since he was not able to protect her because of his career.

Every single Cassiopeia in the world have heard the stories about him being forgetful, but Yunho is also really caring and must feel pretty bad since he can not be with his family the whole time.

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