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Yong Hwa Clarifies Rumors With Goo Hara

Yong Hwa Clarifies Rumors With Goo Hara

Korean rock band CN BLUE appeared on KBS-2TV’s “Happy Together” and clarified the rumors circulating between him and KARA’s Goo Hara.

The show shown a photo of him and numerous girl group members and a photograph of him and Goo circulated online. In the picture, the two are looking at each other with title, “Goo touching Jeong’s chest,” “Are they an item?”

Happy Together MCs said, “No wonder the rumor spread,”and asked for an explanation.

Yong Hwa then explained, “We did an entertainment program together and we knew each other all along. In this photo, she jokingly hit me in the chest area and that was captured.”

Then Dal★Shabet’s Ah Young and Serri said they saw Jeong getting cozy with Sulli of f(x), saying to her, “You’re not giving me chocolate?”

He again explained, “She’s just like a sister to me. I used to have good feelings toward her but we became close like a brother and sister while hosting a show together.”

Yong Hwa denied all rumors that he’s a lady’s man.

Source : GoKpop


T-ARA Hyomin Dates Fellow T-ARA Member Eunjung

T-ARA Hyomin Dates Fellow T-ARA Member Eunjung

T-ara member Hyomin goes on a date with fellow T-ara member Eunjung and showed that girls just want to have fun.

Hyomin posted a on her Twitter account on the 16th with captions, “Arm in arm with Eunjung for our date on the streets of Hongdae. I’m tyring to divert her from “We Got Married”.

Eunjung then uploaded a photo with captions, “I’m posting up our pictures right now without any special effect because I want to show them off.”

Fans who have seen the photo commented, “Aww Hyomin unnie and Eunjung unni~ I wish I can join the two of you!”, “Hyomin unni shouldn’t be jealous of Lee Jang-woo” and “You girls both look so pretty with no make-up on!”

Source : GoKpop

Jae Joong Confession about TVXQ, Love and Plastic Surgery

Jae Joong Confession about TVXQ, Love and Plastic Surgery

Jae Joong talked without restrictions about love, plastic surgery and TVXQ, on a recent interview.

Jae Joong had an interview with Sports Daily eith the company of a few drinks. He spoke honestly about many issues despite how worried his managers were.

About TVXQ

He mentioned that even if there are some bitter feelings, ‘it’s not a problem between the members’. He continued saying that they are surrounded by lies and misunderstanding. He said that he can resolve those problems and even text the members of the band. He finally mentioned he still has TVXQ as his phone wallpaper.

About Dating

He revealed that he dated 4 different celebrities after his debut. His words caused a chaos at the set but he said it was alright.

After his debut he went on a blind date. He continued saying that there is no use in hiding this matter, since some fans already know, and might find it funny the they still want to keep those things as a secret.

About Plastic Surgery

He said it was a secret. He mentioned that some fans might already know the truth but still decided to pass this topic. He finally mentioned that he used to be worried since he thought his nose was a bit flat.

source : GoKpop

T-ara’s Soyeon is frustrated at false dating rumors

Girl group T-ara’s Soyeon revealed that she had been frustrated due to her inability to clear up the falsely reported dating rumors with Supreme Team’s E-sens.

In a recent interview with Star News, Soyeon stated, “The reports that came up then are very different from the truth. I wasn’t given a chance to explain, and I was upset that I was portrayed as a ‘damsel in distress'”.

Soyeon and E-sens were enveloped in relationship rumors last October. At the time, it was said that they were “not dating.” However, E-sens’s management had said that the rumors was untrue, while Soyeon’s management had neither confirmed nor denied anything. Soyeon was thus made the “helpless person.”

She explained, “It is true that I became close to him, as I was also originally a fan of his. However, I think a false eyewitness account escalated the situation. At the time, our CEO had received a call from the media and replied, ‘It hasn’t been confirmed by our company yet, and we will begin to check.’ It was said like this, but articles began popping up with headlines such as ‘T-ara’s company official confirmation, E-sens’ company denies'”. After that, I received an opportunity to appear on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’. During the recording, I told them a similar story, but it was not shown because it got edited out. In the end, it seems like I didn’t get a chance to clear things up.” Soyeon expressed her regret at this situation and her hopes for a chance to clear up all of the rumors.

Source: Star News and Tiara Diadem via KoreaBoo

JYJ’s Jaejoong clears all relationship rumors and scandals

As one of Asia’s biggest stars, JYJ’s Jaejoong has been the focus of the spotlight on various relationship scandals and rumors for the past decade. He recently sat down with IS Sports and clarified all the implications regarding his love life and the surrounding rumors of his relationships with top Japanese celebrities, such as Ayumi Hamasaki and Yamada Yu.

Regarding actress and fashion model Yamada Yu, he revealed, “She’s one of my closest friends, alongside popular Jpop idol singer NEWS’ Yamashita Tomohisa. We met at an after-party in LA and became friends. Like everyone already knows, she’s in a relationship with Oguri Shun.”

Renowned Jpop singer Ayumi Hamasaki is also known to be friends with Jaejoong. However, the Asian media and fans keep on speculating a relationship between the two. He explained, “It is true that I’m friends with her. We first met at Avex’s annual ‘A-Nation‘ concert and kept in contact since then. However, we are not of the relationship that people seem to think.” Last October, more media rumors flew around Kim and Hamasaki because she attended JYJ’s concert despite her busy schedule. To this, he stated, “At the time, Ayumi attended the showcase with another Japanese singer friend. It should be regarded as the upkeep of friendship between musicians. She also announced marriage plans in January.”

Jaejoong ended the interview and clarified all rumors fans might have. He stated, “I don’t have a girlfriend so I spend most of my time at home. It was an opportunity for me to learn Japanese and meet with other Japanese celebrities and develop friendships.”

Source: JoongAng and VOP via KoreaBoo

TVXQ’s Yunho reunited with his first love on a new SBS variety show

TVXQ’s Yunho reunited with his first love in a new variety program! Earlier today, it was reported that Yunho appeared for the filming of the new variety show “Dalgona” and sources state that the show reunited him with his first lady love.

It was reported that during the appearance, he was able to reunite with his close friends and teachers from his hometown, Gwangju, through a broadcast video. Among all the people close to him, the one very special to him was revealed to be his first love. Confirmed to be a few years his senior, Yunho’s first love is now a married lady with two children.

Later on in the show, Yunho confessed that even though she was his first love, he described it as a one sided affair towards an experienced senior during his teenage period. During the broadcast, Yunho’s first love also confessed that she knew about his admiration towards her. The rest of the show continued to reveal more interesting stories of Yunho’s youth back in Gwangju.

The episode is planned to be broadcast on the 22nd of April on SBS.

Source: ContinueTVXQ via KoreaBoo

MBLAQ’s G.O Talks About Being Cheated in the Past

MBLAQ's G.O Talks About Being Cheated in the Past

On a recent radio interview G.O mentioned that he lived on a gosiwon 6 years ago.

A gosiwon is a cheap place where people who are going to take the civilian and bar exams live because they are really cheap. Also due to its low cost people who look for a place that is not expensive also live there.

G.O confessed that when he arrived to Seoul from the countryside, he signed a contract to buy a house, however he was cheated by the real estate since there was more that one contract. After this he had no choice but to live at a gosiwon.

He also shared some of his experiences by living there. He revealed that it was noise and that his room did not have a window because he had to pay 50,000 won more, which is around 50 american dollars. Also if he placed any food at the refrigerator it would be stolen.

Netizens said that he really experienced a lot of struggles, and that they can also relate to his experience.

source : GoKpop