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2NE1, 2PM, BEAST, SHINee, TVXQ and Big Bang’s facial expressions compared with cartoon characters

A hilarious compilation of idols vs. cartoon characters has surfaced on the internet and created a lot of buzz. 2NE1’s Minzy is being compared to a cute doll, while Wooyoung’s chubby cheeks are compared to that of a monkey. Going further down the list, the trademark smiles of Big Bang’s Daesung, BEAST’s Yoseob, SNSD’s Jessica, 2PM’s Junsu and Chansung are being compared with various cartoon characters’ expressions. SHINee’s Onew and Minho’s hairstyles look slightly similar to that of a particular Pokemon. Rounding out the list, TVXQ’s Changmin is compared to Spongebob Squarepants’s Squidward and Big Bang’s Taeyang resembles Mashi Maro. However, it’s up to fans’ judgment to decide who fits which character.

Netizens who saw this post left comments such as, “Woo Young really looks like a monkey,” “I burst out laughing when I saw the Jessica-Cappy comparison,” and “They all resemble the characters 100%!”

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What do you think of these comparisons?

Source: iBigBang via koreaboo


K.Will & Daesung, “We really do look a lot like each other.”

K.Will & Daesung, "We really do look a lot like each other."

On yesterday’s episode of SBS’ ‘Night After Night’, singer, K.Will, was featured as guest. He clarified all rumours about him impersonating Big Bang’s Daesung, who is one of the MCs of ‘Night After Night’.

Since his debut, there have been rumours that K.Will is imitating Big Bang’s Daesung. However, on SBS’ ‘Night After Night’ yesterday, K.Will clarified all these rumours. He claimed that it was all a misunderstanding.
“There is no way I could ever pretend to be Daesung. It doesn’t make sense. However, there was an incident where a fan mistook me for him. The person so firmly believed I was him that it didn’t feel right to mess up the person’s mood by correcting him”, he revealed.

K.Will, who feels a sense of inferiority about his appearance, was also asked on the show how he felt like when he was mistaken for Daesung. He answered, “Daesung has built a lively and good-humored image, and a lot of female celebrities often choose him as their ideal type. As a result, this whole experience has given me confidence.”

Thereupon Daesung said, “We really do look a lot like each other. It feels like I am looking at my future self when I see him”, and joked, “Can you, please, remove the mirror? It’s confusing me.”

https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7403-zm6kdwypcc.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7403-glyjmro4m1.jpg

Source : GoKpop

[110429] Mnet M!Countdown // Hot Debut : Taeha and B1A4 w/ Daesung Solo Stage

Are you curious what Mnet’s M! Countdown featured this week? Which artists performed which song? Who debuted and who came back? You’ll find the answers here!

The artists who debuted this week on M! Countdown are male soloist, Taeha, and boyband, B1A4.
Taeha presented his ballad titled “Come Back to Me”, while B1A4 performed their track, “OK”.

On this week’s M! Countdown, we also got to watch the comeback stages of Turtles, Eru and f(x).
Turtles had their comeback stage with “Hero“, Eru with “Countrified and Immature”, and f(x) with “Gangsta Boy” and “Pinocchio (Danger)”.

Beside that, artists such as A Pink, Kim Greem, Tony An, 4minute and more were on the stage of M! Countdown today.

In addition to all that, as announced, Big Bang’s Daesung performed his solo track, “Baby Don’t Cry”, and Big Bang had their goodbye stage with “Love Song”.
Big Bang also became the winner of this week’s M! Countdown.

Daesung To Perform “Baby Don’t Cry” Live

Daesung To Perform "Baby Don't Cry" Live

With BIG BANG at their final week of promotions for their “Special Edition” album, member Daesung will perform his solo track “Baby Don’t Cry” for the 1st time live on TV broadcast.

After news had come that Daesung would release his 1st official solo track through the album, fans were excited in anticipation for his live performance.

Finally in their goodbye stage on M! Countdown April 28th, Daesung will perform “Baby Don’t Cry” live, as BIG BANG prepares for their upcoming Japanese tour.

Source : GoKpop

Idol Chart Show ranks hottest idol bodies

On April 20, MNET’s Idol Chart Show revealed rankings for the celebrities with the best bodies; Rain came in first, followed by G.NA who is notorious for her enviable figure.

Two members of Big Bang made the list – Daesung ranked 13th and Taeyang ranked 15th. Additionally, two members of 2AM made the list – Changmin ranked 5th and Seulong ranked 17th. Big Bang and 2PM are the only groups to have more than one member on the top 20 list.
Take a look at the rankings below:

Do you agree with the rankings? If not, who do you think should be on the list?

Source: KoreaBoo

T.O.P Can Hit Highest Notes Among Big Bang Members

T.O.P Can Hit Highest Notes Among Big Bang Members

During their appearance on MBC’s radio program, Park Kyung Rim’s Star Night, Big Bang members revealed that, although he has such a low voice, T.O.P was the one who can the highest notes among them.

Big Bang appeared on MBC’s radio program, Park Kyung Lim’s Star Night, on 20th April. When a listener asked, “While T.O.P has a sexy low voice, how high of a note can he hit?”, Taeyang was the first to confess, “Among Big Bang members, T.O.P can hit the highest notes and has the sharpest voice.”
Then G-Dragon added, “More so than being loud, I usually feel that his voice is extremely loud. The microphone probably won’t be able to bear it for long.”
“It’s more like shouting”, Daesung commented.
T.O.P himself admitted, “I can’t demonstrate it here but when I record I tend to rip speakers.”

DJ, Park Kyung Lim, was really surprised hearing this and asked T.O.P when she and other listeners will be able to hear his high pitches. T.O.P answered, “I feel shy and embarrassed when I sing. There’s this pride I have as a rapper”, whereupon he was interrupted by G-Dragon, who protested, “I also do hip hop!”
Thereupon T.O.P bettered, “G-Dragon and I, both of us get shy when we’re singing.”

source : GoKpop

Netizens Pick Dasung as the Number One Singer to Spend Black Day with

Netizens Pick Dasung as the Number One Singer to Spend Black Day with

Daesung is voted as the singer who fans would like to spend Black Day with.

The music portal Bugs asked trough a survey about ‘who’s the singer you’d like to eat noodles with alone?’.

A total of 881 users voted and Daesung took the first place with 37% of the votes.

His new look and fierce image during the recent activities of Big Bang have make people notice him even more.

Netizens left comments like, ‘For Black Day I want to eat noodles together with Daesung oppa’.

Also Big Bang’s ‘Love Song’ is at the top on Bugs TOP50 real-time music chart.

source : GoKpop, Daum