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Dalmatian Visits KPopulous

Dalmatian Visits KPopulous

Dalmatian’s doggy dogs show their cuteness and on a recent interview on Pops in Seoul.

The boys started with a cool intro showing their talent at the beginning of the interview.

They talked about their comeback with the track ‘He is Disproved’ and also the introduction of the remix version, which has a different sound, and Daniel even signed a bit part of it.

According to them the original version had a sweet and cheerful sound, while the remix version is more intense and upbeat. They also mentioned about the changes in the choreography and how they replaced the ‘musical concept’ for a dance routine.

During a video of their MV filming Young Won said that people were calling him ‘smurf’ so he literally turned into one for a few seconds, and Dari confessed that he strained his neck after practicing for 10 hours.

The boys mentioned that they had two sources of their energy on stage, one of them is their dream to become the best group, as well as their thoughts of how to give happiness to the audience.

A music representative has also mentioned that the boys have set themselves apart from other idols, because their songwriting skills.

The members also revealed that they actually considered ‘Lost in Love’ as their tittle song and shared the fondness they have for this track.

Check the video and you will be able to listen their ‘Food Song’ as well as their letter to their fans. Also you will be able to discover their individual talents, like Day Day imitating Yoda, Dari’s rap skills, Daniel’s powerful voice and the charming vocals of Jisu and Young Won.

Source : GoKpop


Dalmatian’s Dari Military Pictures

Dari enlisted not long ago and now we can see him wearing his uniform.

Dari’s enlistment was quite a surprise for Dalmates who found out just a couple of days before his departure.

However they are now able to see him wearing a uniform.

Some fans were really happy that no matter what he still made his usual hand-sing showing his love and care for Dalmatian and his fans on the photo above.

But some of them were worried since he looks a bit tired and was not smiling like everyone else on the following picture.


Dari might be missing everyone, so on the meanwhile we need to support him and Dalmatian until he can finally make his comeback.

source : GoKpop

Dalmatian Releases Practice Video for ‘The Man Opposed’ Remix!

Dalmatian has released a practice video for the remix of their single ‘The Man Opposed,’ highlighting the group’s skill with rapid, synchronized choreography. Be sure to check it out!
While Dalmatian is still considered by many to be a relatively new group, it has proved that its here to stay in the Kpop world with the success of its first mini album. Now, the boys are giving fans a new treat, a practice video for the remix of ‘The Man Opposed’
Let us know what you think!

Source : Gokpop

Dalmatian’s Dari Army Enlistment on April 25th

Dalmatian's Dari Army Enlistment on April 25th

Dalmates be ready for some tears since it has been officially announced that Dari will enlist on April 25th.

Dalmatian’s company, IS Enter media Group, sadly said that from now on Dalmatian will promote with only 5 members, while Dari spends 2 years in the Army. They also requested fans to protect Dari during this time and wait for his comeback.

Check their message below and


Hello, this is IS Enter media Group.We are sorry to write up an announcement that delivers sad news for Dalmates. Dalmatian’s Dari will be suddenly enlisting tomorrow on the 25th. First off, we are sorry that news articles have gotten out before we were able to deliver the announcement.

For now, Dalmatian will be promoting on official broadcasts and various events as 5 members.

Please leave lots of supporting messages from your heart on the café for Dari who has had a heavy heart. A long but short 2 years, please protecting Dalmatian’s Dari till the end.

Thank you.

You can leave him a message on his Facebook, his official cafe or twitter.

Fans will certainly be sad about this sudden announcement but it is impossible to avoid the mandatory service. We just need to wait, and on the meantime support all the members of Dalmatian.

Finally if you are wondering about the other members Day Day and Daniel (Drama) are exempt since they are American-born Koreans. Inati is also exempt due to his medical condition. Lastly Jisu and Young Won will have to enlist, but in the future since they are not of age yet.

Source : GoKpop

Remember to visit GoKpop for more news about Dari’s enlistment.

Dalmatian’s Day Day to rap in Koyote Kim Jongmin’s new song

Dalmatian’s Day Day will be featured in the rap for Koyote Kim Jongmin’s new single, “Oppa, Stay Strong.” This single will mark the start of Jongmin’s solo activities.

This will not be his first time rapping in another singer’s song. His raps have been featured in Lee Hyori’s “Shall We Dance” and “Straight Up,” the Wonder Girls’ “Why Not,” Uhm Junghwa’s “Come to Me,” and Ivy’s “I Can’t.”

With his amazing rapping talent, Dalmatian’s Day Day is well-known for being the rap trainer of many famous idols. This list includes: 2PM, the Wonder Girls, miss A, SECRET, SISTAR and more.

Kim Jongmin’s first solo debut single “Oppa, Stay Strong” was composed and produced by the Disc Brothers. The song has an antique sound that tugs on one’s heart-strings.

Are you excited to see him rap in Kim Jongmin’s single?

Sources: Naver News and dalmination via KoreaBoo

[110415] KBS2 Music Bank // Block B, NS YoonJi, Dal Shabet and more !

KBS Music Bank had quite an abundant of groups and solo singers perform on their show tonight. It saw the return of Lee Hyun with his next title song “Although You Said So,” and was accompanied by his friends, Mighty Mouth.

Two artists made their comeback stage as well with their new mini-album and single respectively, Dal Shabet and NS Yoonji. Dal Shabet recently released their 2nd mini-album “Pink Rocket,” and continue with their catchy songs produced by E-TRIBE. NS Yoonji, known as the cousin of KARA’s Jinyoung, released her single “Talk Talk Talk,” a bright and cheerful song perfectly fit for the spring season.

Rookie male group Block.B made their first debut stage tonight with their title song “Don’t Stop.” The group had switched title songs from “Wanna B” to “Don’t Stop.”

Other performers included CNBLUE with their hit “Inuition,” Rania with “Dr. Feel Good,” Brave Girls with “I Don’t Know,” Tony An with “Topstar,” Clover with “La Vida Loca,” Girls’ Day with “Twinkle Twinkle,” and more!

The two groups to compete for 1st place on K-Chart was CNBLUE and K.Will. CNBLUE won their triple crown for “Intuition” on M! Countdown last night, competing against 4minute and Kim Taewoo. This time CNBLUE and K.Will met at the top to battle out the evening’s winner.

Source : UnknownCarrot170 @ youtube

[110409] MBC Music Core

Solo artist Han Groo started off the night with her track, “My Boy.” After a greeting by the Music Core MCs, newly debuted girl group Chi Chi took the stage and performed their debut track, “Don’t Play Around.”

ZE:A performed a special outside stage of “Here I Am,” complete with argyle sweaters. Girl’s Day switched to green as their concept color tonight and performed a shortened version of their hit track, “Twinkle Twinkle.” Dalmatian made an appearance on tonight’s episode and performed a remix of their latest track, “I’m Opposed to That Man.”

Yangpa made her comeback on tonight’s episode with, “It Hurts.” Clover made their debut with “La Vida Loca.” U-Kiss performed their comeback stage on tonight’s episode with “0330,” and Orange Caramel followed with their comeback stage of “Bangkok City.”

Wheesung continued tonight’s episode as he performed his hit song, “Words That Freeze My Heart” with Hoya. Song Jieun performed “Going Crazy” with Bang Yongguk live for the last time.

4Minute made their comeback with “Mirror Mirror” and “Heart to Heart” on tonight’s episode. K.Will performed his track, “My Heart is Beating.” CN Blue followed with their hit track, “Intutition”. TVXQ closed the show with their latest song, “Know This (Before You Go).”

Check out the performances from tonight’s episode of Music Core, below!