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New Boy Band to Debut Under DSP Media

New Boy Band to Debut Under DPS Media

DSP Media is ready to introduce a new boy band.

DSP is known for having produced bands like SS501, Kara, Rainbow, A’st1, Fin.K.L and more.

This time they will introduce a new boy band which name and details are still unknown. The band will have a total of 7 members and it is supposed to debut at the first half of the year, which means pretty soon.

There are rumors saying that some former members of A’st1 and Rainbow back-up dancers might be part of it.

Even if nothing is confirmed yet, here is a video of Rainbow with their back-up dancers.

Source : GoKpop


KARA’s Lawsuit Comes to a Close

KARA's Lawsuit Comes to a Close

DSP Media has officially stated that they have come to an agreement with Seung Yeon, Ji Young, and Nicole, and that the five members of KARA have finished recording for their next single.

Yesterday, DSP Media officially stated that after almost one hundred days of controversey, they were finally able to come to a compromise with the three members of KARA, Seung Yeon, Ji Young, and Nicole. Following the announcement of their consensus, both KARA and DSP issued a formal apology to their fans, promising that if similar disagreements arise in the future, that they will both approach the issue with more maturity and sensitivity towards their loyal fans.

Following the recent resolution, Seung Yeon thanked her fans via twitter for their loyalty and patience, “You all waited for a long time, right? I love you all!”

Universal Japan Music also confirmed on the 27th that all five members of KARA have finished the recording for their next single.

Source : GoKpop