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New Boy Band to Debut Under DSP Media

New Boy Band to Debut Under DPS Media

DSP Media is ready to introduce a new boy band.

DSP is known for having produced bands like SS501, Kara, Rainbow, A’st1, Fin.K.L and more.

This time they will introduce a new boy band which name and details are still unknown. The band will have a total of 7 members and it is supposed to debut at the first half of the year, which means pretty soon.

There are rumors saying that some former members of A’st1 and Rainbow back-up dancers might be part of it.

Even if nothing is confirmed yet, here is a video of Rainbow with their back-up dancers.

Source : GoKpop


KARA reported to have overcome their disbanding crisis

After a long battle between DSP Media and the three members of KARA, it was confirmed today that the gap between the two sides came to a reconciliation.

According to one of their managers, the group has overcome their biggest challenge, as he was quoted saying, “Even though the points of view of the two sides are somewhat different, but because they must maintain the group, they have combine opinions from the two parties. KARA has overcome the worst possible crisis, disbandment.”

Earlier this year, DSP Media and KARA faced various legal issues after problems between profit distribution and paperwork transparency arose. Mr. Tae Jinah, President of KSA, was reported to have stood up on behalf of the business to bridge the reconciliation between the two sides and work out a plan on resolving their problems. It was uncovered that he gathered the opinions from both sides to avoid the group’s disbandment, and has confirmed that the mediation process is almost complete.

In addition, another manager confirms the good news by stating that, “The two sides compromise so we are conducting a solution. We absolutely can continue to see KARA with all 5 members.”

Recently, KARA’s latest single “Jet Coaster Love” became the first foreign girl group to achieve the top spot on Oricon’s Weekly Chart in the first week of its release.

Source : Koreaaboo, Sports Hankooki, Karaholic