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G-Dragon Earns More from Copyrights than Professional Composers

G-Dragon Earns More from Copyrights than Professional Composers

Recently Big Bang’s Seungri revealed his bandmate, G-Dragon’s income from royalties. He stated that G-Dragon is considered the number-1 composer in the Copyright Association surpassing various professional composers such as Cho Young Soo.

Big Bang’s Seungri and Daesung appeared in a recent episode of Mnet’s ‘Beatles Codes’. During his appearance, Seungri revealed that G-Dragon earns more from copyrights for his composed tracks than any other Korean composer. “G-Dragon-hyung is currently considered #1 in the Copyright Association. He’s [ranking] even higher than composer, Cho Young Soo”, Seungri stated.

Then he told more about G-Dragon’s work as a composer, “G-Dragon has 120 registered tracks under his name. These tracks were not meant to be solely Big Bang’s, but also for his own solo album, Taeyang’s, mine, 2NE1’s and Uhm Jung Hwa’s. He’s composed and participated in countless songs.”

Thereupon MC of ‘Beatles Codes’, Yoon Jong Shin, asked, “Do you know how much G-Dragon gets paid through royalties?” Surprising even Daesung, Seungri responded, “Because I’ve always had an interest in market researching, I do know his income through royalties.”

Currently, Big Bang is on their LOVE & HOPE Tour in Japan.

Source : GoKpop


Eat Your Kimchi Goes Backstage at Inkigayo Jeju Island Special

Eat Your Kimchi Goes Backstage at Inkigayo Jeju Island Special

Simon and Martina went backstage with K-pop idols at the Super Inkigayo concert in Jeju. They managed to talk to GD, Amber, U-Kiss and Lizzy. And then something unexpected happen…

Simon and Martina were flown to Jeju to cover the Super Inkigayo concert. While they were at the backstage shooting some scene, something amazing unexpectedly happen which blew their mind off – not only that they know the K-pop stars, but some of the K-pop stars knew them!

Take a look at the video below.

Source : GoKpop

T.O.P Can Hit Highest Notes Among Big Bang Members

T.O.P Can Hit Highest Notes Among Big Bang Members

During their appearance on MBC’s radio program, Park Kyung Rim’s Star Night, Big Bang members revealed that, although he has such a low voice, T.O.P was the one who can the highest notes among them.

Big Bang appeared on MBC’s radio program, Park Kyung Lim’s Star Night, on 20th April. When a listener asked, “While T.O.P has a sexy low voice, how high of a note can he hit?”, Taeyang was the first to confess, “Among Big Bang members, T.O.P can hit the highest notes and has the sharpest voice.”
Then G-Dragon added, “More so than being loud, I usually feel that his voice is extremely loud. The microphone probably won’t be able to bear it for long.”
“It’s more like shouting”, Daesung commented.
T.O.P himself admitted, “I can’t demonstrate it here but when I record I tend to rip speakers.”

DJ, Park Kyung Lim, was really surprised hearing this and asked T.O.P when she and other listeners will be able to hear his high pitches. T.O.P answered, “I feel shy and embarrassed when I sing. There’s this pride I have as a rapper”, whereupon he was interrupted by G-Dragon, who protested, “I also do hip hop!”
Thereupon T.O.P bettered, “G-Dragon and I, both of us get shy when we’re singing.”

source : GoKpop

G-Dragon, “I almost fell for T.O.P.”

G-Dragon, "I almost fell for T.O.P."

Big Bang recently guest starred on SBS’ radio program, Park So Hyun’s Love Game. When DJ, Park So Hyun, asked, “Out of all Big Bang members, who is the ‘homme fatale’?”, every member chose T.O.P. G-Dragon revealed, if T.O.P was a girl, he would have dated him right away. Why?

During the talk segment of Park So Hyun’s Love Game, DJ, Park So Hyun, asked the members of Big Bang various questions like, “Out of all Big Bang members, who is the ‘homme fatale’?”
On this question, all the Big Bang members answered by pointing at T.O.P. Then G-Dragon revealed that he would have dated T.O.P without hesitation, if he was a girl. He explained, “I almost fell for T.O.P. Sometimes, while we’re traveling in the car, he plays jokes on me. But he’s really charming… If he was a girl, I would’ve dated him right then. He’s just that charming.”
“A while ago, we parodied ‘Secret Garden’, so I had a kiss scene with T.O.P. His manners were really good during filming. I wondered what women would feel around him if I felt that as a guy”, Seungri added.
Also T.O.P himself agreed with the statements of his bandmates about his charming personality. He said, “Yes. I’m the most innocent out of the members… I think.”

Park So Hyun also asked who of the members was the one to have the “most sense of justice” and who of the members was the one with the most celebrity numbers on his cell phone. T.O.P was picked as the member with the “most sense of justice”.
Seungri was revealed to have the most celebrity numbers. On this, G-Dragon stated, “Seungri has the most numbers without a doubt. Even if the four of us added up our numbers, it wouldn’t even be 100, but Seungri really has a lot.”

source : GoKpop

G-Dragon & Yoo In Na Say, “OMG!”, for G-Market

G-Dragon & Yoo In Na Say, "OMG!", for G-Market

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and actress, Yoo In Na, present you unique ways to say “OMG!” in the new CF for G-Market. Don’t miss this!

G-Market has chosen G-Dragon and Yoo In Na, who are both under YG Entertainment, as the face of their site.
They recently shot new CFs, which have just been released. In these various ways to say Oh my god!” are presented and at the end, you hear G-Dragon’s voice saying, Oh my G-Market”, and wrapping up the clip.

Have a look below!

Teaser A


Teaser B


Do you remember G-Dragon’s song for G-Market, “G-Market Party!”, released last year? No? Then check it out here!

source : GoKpop

MTVK Ranks Best Cross-Dressing Idols

MTVK Ranks Best Cross-Dressing Idols

MTV Korea recently asked netizens who their favorite cross-dressing idols are, and ranked their votes from one to ten.

MTV Korea recently conducted a poll entitled “MTV K’s top 10 cross-dressing idols”, in which netizens were asked to vote for whom they believed is the best looking cross-dressed idol.


Super Junior’s Kim Heechul achieved a sweeping victory with his recently impersonation of the American pop artist Lady GaGa. Netizens went “GaGa” over his milky white skin an girlish features.

Check out the rest of the results below:


G-Dragon’s Mom is Jealous of Daesung?

G-Dragon’s Mom is Jealous of Daesung?

The members of Big Bang revealed the reason behind G-Dragon’s mom jealousy.

Actually it is not related to GD but because of the quantity of skin products Daesung has on his room.

According to the Big Bang members Daesung takes special care of his skin and his room is covered with different products. When G-Dragon’s mom saw his room she was surprised by the quantity of different things he had. T.O.P mentioned that Daesung’s room is fit for a princess.

Take a look at the video with the cute confession.

source : GoKpop