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G.NA Releases OST Track “Because You Are My Man”

G.NA Releases OST Track "Because You Are My Man"

Cube Entertainment’s G.NA is one of the latest artists lending her voice for the new MBC drama “The Greatest Love” OST, releasing the track “Because You Are My Man”.

The drama starting Athena actor Cha Seung Won has already received positive results in viewership with 3% increase since its debut last week, and the soft ballad track certainly complements the drama’s plot dealing with a love triangle relationship.

Source : GoKpop


Baek Jiyoung, Eugene – the gray syndrome takes over the entertainment industry!

Lately, many Korean celebrities have been sporting “gray hair” and white-colored hair, which has taken over the entertainment industry by storm! Recently, solo female singer Baek Jiyoung released the first set of concept photos for her upcoming 8th studio album. In the photos, Baek Jiyoung sports white-like, curly hair, which has gained a lot of attention.

Last year, actress Han Ga-in had pictorial in which she had white hair, and Big Bang’s T.O.P. was also seen with white hair at an award ceremony.

Other celebrities have followed a similar trend including Teen Top, Seo Inyoung, 2AM’s Changmin, G.NA, and SES’s Eugene, and have colored their hair either silver or gray. Singer Maya has also been seen sporting a similar hair color.

What do you think of this trend? Who do you think pulls it off the best?

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Source : Koreaboo, BNT News

Lim Jeong Hee Reveals ‘Golden Lady’ MV Teaser Featuring G.NA

After previously revealing photo teasers for her comeback, Lim Jeong Hee unveils the MV teaser for ‘Golden Lady’ featuring G.NA.

Starring G.NA and comedian-actor Park Hwi SoonLim Jeong Hee teases fans with what could be the next big hit. In the teaser, G.NA seems to be playing the role of a woman with confidence and attitude, most likely the ‘Golden Lady’. Meanwhile, Park Hwi Soon seems to be acting as the helpless, but then mischievous “boy friend”, as he grabs the things on the table in a questionable way, when G.NA tells him to “go”.

Lee Jeong Hee will be making her comeback on May 9th, so stay tuned to GoKpop for more update!

source : GoKpop

Dream Concert starts to reveal official line-up

Last week, Koreaboo reported about the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association’s official press release concerning the “I Love You Korea 2011 Dream Concert”.

After a fake list of performers started to be spread around the Internet, the announcement from KEPA pointed out that only TVXQ, 2PM, IU and 4Minute were officially confirmed as part of the line-up at that time.

Dream Concert’s official site was recently revamped to include a larger list of performers for this year’s concert. The concert is to be held on May 28th at 6:30 p.m. at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

The performers who have been confirmed so far are TVXQ, 2PM, miss A, 4minute, BEAST, Secret, SISTAR, CN BLUE, IU, After School, U-Kiss, G.NA, KARA, K.Will and T-ara. On the 29th, Dream Concert’s official Twitter had also included FT Island and f(x) on the list of confirmed performers, but the two groups do not currently appear on the website.

There also seems to be some confusion with Star Empire’s ZE:A and Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea. On some parts of the website, the boys of ZE:A are listed as performers, but under the “2011 Dream Concert Artist” section, Jea is listed and ZE:A isn’t. More performers will be revealed during this week, and the situation will hopefully get cleared up soon.

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Sources: Dream Concert and @dreamconcertkr via koreaboo

G.NA to star in Lim Jeonghee’s new MV

After releasing two image teasers from Lim Jeonghee’s new mini album, “Golden Lady”, Big Hit Entertainment has revealed two more images. This time, the images are from from her title track’s music video, unveiling its two protagonists, G.NA and comedian-actor Park Hwisoon.

The first teaser, found on Lim Jeonghee’s official site, shows G.NA wearing a black dress and looking beautiful as she finishes her make-up in front of a mirror in a white room. The second image presents Park Hwisoon who seems to have had an accident.

On April 28th, Big Hit Entertainment tweeted, “Lim Jeonghee second teaser photo released! Park Hwisoon, proposed to G.NA? Look forward to the MV teaser release next week~.”

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Are you looking forward to know the story between G.NA and Park Hwisoon?

Sources: Big Hit Entertainment and @BigHitEnt via koreaboo

MTVK Chooses the 10 Sexiest Female Idols

MTVK Chooses the 10 Sexiest Female Idols

MTVK recently released their ranking of the top ten sexiest female idols.

MTVK recently released their picks for the top ten sexiest Kpop idols.

Check out their ranking below, and be sure to stay tuned, as MTVK announced that they will also release a list of the top ten sexiest male idols in the near future!

Rainbow’s leader Jae Kyung is well known for her well-proportioned physique, and has recently wowed fans with her new, more mature image.

Brown Eyed Girls’s Ga In has gained much fame through her sensuous “Abracadabra” dance, as well as her cat-like eyeliner and tiny outfits.

Wonder Girls’ rapper Yubin adds her own sex-appeal to the typically wholesome group image.

International soloist BoA creates a strong image with her powerful vocals, sexy choreography, and unique sense of fashion.

2NE1’s rapper Park Bom is known for her trademark long hair, and short skirt, giving the funky group a sexy edge.

HyunA is notorious for both her impressive rapping skills and her risqué choreography, as exhibited during performances of “Change”, and more recently, “Mirror Mirror”.

After School’s Ka Hi boasts a perfectly proportioned figure, and a dazzling presence which allows her to stand out even in a large group of nine.

Although she may have just recently made her debut, soloist G.NA’s impressive vocal talent and glamorous figure has made her a hit in the industry.

Amidst a group of nine, all known for separate attributes, such as Hyo Yeon’s dancing skills and Tae Yeon’s strong vocals, Yu Ri is most known for her sexy image.

Former Fin.K.L. member turned hit soloist, Lee Hyo Ri’s name is piratically synonymous with sexy.

What do you think of MTVK’s ranking of the top ten sexiest female idols? Who would you have added?

Source : GoKpop

[Breaking] Cube Entertainment announces G.NA’s official fanclub name

Since her debut last year, G.NA’s fans did not have a name to identify themselves as her fans. G.NA made her debut with “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better” and released her first full-length album “Black & White” early this year. The female soloist’s popularity has risen since the time of her debut.

Cube Entertainment had announced that fans could chose the name of G.NA’s fanclub and fans began to make suggestions. After voting, Cube Entertainment has finally revealed G.NA’s official fanclub name through G.NA’s fancafe.

G.NA fans can official identify themselves as G.NIs!

This is CUBE Entertainment.

For a while there was much interest given towards the fanclub name.
Now we are able to reveal it for the first time.

We thank all of those who entered in the fanclub name contest and participated in voting,
and because G.NA’s fanclub name is one that everyone has chosen
please show that much more affection and love^^

G.NA’s fanclub name has been decided to be ” G.NI (genie) “.

Just as the meaning behind the fanclub name is to assist Miss G.NA in achieving her dreams,
please be an amazing fanclub~!!!!

And Miss G.NA was said to be extremely happy to hear that she had a name for her fanclub and that so many fans were interested~!!

To ‘YeoGinaShin-nim’ who came up with the name G.NI (Genie),
we will give G.NA’s signed CD and a polaroid photo.

From now on, as G.NA’s fanclub G.NI (Genie), you must support G.NA more~!!

G.NA & G.NI FOREVER ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Source: royalgna and G.NA’s Fancafe via Koreaboo